With endless sarcasm, insults, violence, and humor, Deadpool 2 didn’t disappoint when it came to delivering the qualities that made Deadpool itself. But truth be told, it didn’t bring the whole package, either. With “Infinity War” having just shaken the crowds weeks ago, we expected Deadpool 2 to have the same air of thrill, suspense, cliffhangers, and overwhelming cast. When it couldn’t deliver, it just seemed to be lost underneath the shadow of “Infinity War”.

But, still, we couldn’t help but “marvel” at the genius screenplay written for Deadpool 2 that meticulously included the infamous comics and their characters and abstract scenes and thoughts, along with plenty of Easter eggs along the way. From Domino to the short lived X-Force, majority of the scenes did proper justice to comics, in my opinion.

With over-the-top fighting scenes, which were stupid and silly, along with wasted suicide attempts, it added an air of lighthearted humor similar to those of animations. At the same time, showing an emotional side of Deadpool allowed moments of connection with the audience, and also led the character himself to mature emotionally and take decisions selflessly. There were a couple a clichés we all saw coming, one being how Cable gave up his only capability, time-travel, to save Deadpool, and the other being how Colossus showed up to save Firefist.

On the other hand, moments we never saw coming were, how X-Force died as soon as they began (nice touch with Brad Pitt), and the time when Dopinder killed the dark Orphanage dude, played by Eddie Marsan (honestly, that dude had it coming), but the most surprising moment for me was when Deadpool’s girlfriend, played by Morena Baccarin, was killed right away in the beginning.

An abstract part of the movie that we all had a love and hate relationship with, was when Deadpool would “die” and then meet his girlfriend, who would give him life lessons. I loved it, because it had a much deeper meaning and could be understood and explained any way the audience would have perceived it. I hated it, because it was such an easy way out for Deadpool to die and ask for guidance whenever he was stuck.

Overall Deadpool 2 is a movie full of twists and turns that the audience would have never expected, and just a tip, stay on after the movie ends to catch two very exciting scenes!