Lily Bily: London Calling

Text By: Eliz Manandhar

A naive young girl has a chance encounter with a handsome and humorous guy in London and falls in love with him almost instantly. They are tailor-made for each other and things seem to go well until the couple’s pasts catch up with them. The girl’s ex-boyfriend shows up and creates havoc, while the boy has to confront his own demons.

The storytelling here is generic—girl meets boy, girl falls in love with boy, obstacles happen, obstacles are confronted, etc. In short, you definitely know what’s coming. What sets this one apart is the lovely photography and the dazzling sets, set in the UK, Turkey, and Nepal. They’re lovely to look at and transport you to warm, beautiful locations. The film boasts colorful shots and dreamy, dazzling rural localities in the UK. The actors, too, are pure eye-candies, and you get to feast on the leads throughout the film. Bollywood vibes are felt almost incessantly, and that’s a good thing in this case, as the film works while functioning as just that sort of DDLJ-like romantic entertainer: be it a bit tedious and a no-brainer.

Actress Rebika Gurung was originally slated to play Priyanka Karki’s role, but couldn’t do so due to visa problems. My beef with this film is that it’s the sort of film in which we are forced to fall in love with the lead actors. The film pushes us to do just that to a point where we finally give up! No one’s that good a person. Dear lead actors, you can sell us your good looks, but you sure can’t sell us such ridiculously nice characters!

Actress Jasita Gurung does well in a first-time role as an insecure and sensitive girl with a history of bad relationships. She is a UK resident and slips into her NRN-role very comfortably and makes the most of it.

Who’s in it?

Pradeep Khadka, Jasita Gurung, Priyanka Karki, Anup Bikram Shahi