Music has the power to calm the panicked mind and inspire the dejected soul. The April 25th earthquake left Nepalis all over the world with uncertain futures and crestfallen hearts. However our courageous demeanor was portrayed by the resilience that Nepalis have shown since then. But sometimes even the bravest of people need an inspiration that spurs them on. Armed Police Force Inspector Laxman Bahadur Basnet being hoisted on the shoulders after rescuing 15 year old Pemba Lama 120 hours after the earthquake, or Ratnanarayan Shilpakar, the flagbearer of Basantapur Durbar Square waving the flag just days after the earthquake; various scenes and stories in the aftermath of the earthquake have inspired us to get back on our feet. Another major source of inspiration in this digital world during the difficult times, were the songs that were produced in relation to the earthquake that were uploaded on to the Internet. During the time of great difficulty and struggle, some artists were able to ‘source a verse out of adversity and make a song of it.’These are a list of YouTube uploads in the past few months that have been able to appease, inspire and encourage during the tough times.


Timi Paila Matra Sara by Word Warriors
Views: 17,000
The videos of members of Word Warriors, the popular group of young poets from Kathmandu, reciting their poems at various events have been a regular trend in the Nepali Internet sphere for the past few years. With the stirring poems on the various social issues around Nepal, their followers always expected a video for them and they did not disappoint. ‘Timi Paila Matra Sara’ is a beautiful tribute to the efforts of the youth of Nepal in their relief and recovery efforts in the aftermath of the earthquake. The initiation by Search for Common Ground (Nepal), not only salutes the volunteering youth, but also the members of the armed forces and medical workers in their committed efforts towards helping the needy. The title itself suggests the need for people to step forward and take an initiative after the destruction and devastation that the earthquake has left Nepal in. The song also salutes the responsibility that the youth have shown for the future of the nation. A verse in English describes the strength of unity and the insignificance of differences during times of crisis. The music video of the song switches between the artists narrating or singing the powerful lyrics of the song and inspirational scenes such as of youngsters forming human chains to clear the rubble, youth engaged in reconstruction efforts and distributing relief materials.


The Sun Will Rise Again by Gaurav Dagaonkar
Views: 330,000
A popular song in the immediate aftermath of the earthquake was Gaurav Dagoankar’s ‘The Sun Will Rise Again’. The Indian music director, singer and songwriter has previously been involved in Nepali projects where he covered popular Nepali songs such as ‘Resham Filili’. The song that was uploaded just a week after the big earthquake on 25th April is soothing in nature with a video that could easily bring tears to the viewers. The lyrics describes the need for positivity after such a disaster. Gaurav Dagaonkar does a good job while singing in Nepali too, in which he acknowledges the eternal courage and the tough spirit of the Bir Gorkhali. The lyrics are beautifully complimented with visual with a collection of stirring pictures of human compassion that were captured in the relief and recovery efforts in Nepal. With the song beautifully matching with the video, this song surely makes people reach out to remove the dust from their eyes.


Pray for Nepal by Sajjan Raj Vaidya, SanjogNirola a.k.a One Sun and Prathana Ranjit
Views: 77,000
The song is a collaboration by New York based Nepalis with a motive to encourage donations, contributions and most importantly prayers for Nepal during the uncertain times. The lyrics of the song revolve around the way Nepalis abroad found it difficult to cope with being away from home during the chaos of the earthquake. The chorus describes the love that Nepalese need to share with one another and the sense of comradery that would help in making the country resilient and rise from the disaster. The video is a collection of people from all over the world holding out placards with messages of support to Nepal. The diversity of the people showing support is inspirational.