The award season is in full swing as 2013 draws to a close. We now give you reasons why you should tune into the Tuborg Image Awards if you can’t be there live.

The sheer number of songs released in the Nepali music industry this year, whether it be folk or pop or rock or anything in between, deserve some kind of recognition. The 15th Annual Tuborg Image Awards looks to do just that. From iconic collaborations to honouring those who have paved the way for future artists, come Saturday the 16th of November, the Army Officer’s Club at Sundhara will witness a glamorous and lively ceremony.

The Buzz This Year
For starters, your votes count. Out of the 21 categories in the awards, 20 are decided largely by SMS votes and a judges panel. The artists that get the most votes take home the awards. The Public Choice Award is solely in your hands.

Famed Indian songstress Shreya Ghosal has lent her voice to the song ‘Timi Bahek’. The track and its subsequent video have both done very well over the past year. It’s one of the more popular nominations doing the rounds and certainly one of the favourites to win.

There is some stiff competition especially in the categories of Best Vocal Performance Male and Female - Bishwo Nepali, Uday Sotang, Anju Panta, Rajina Rimal and Kunti Moktan are among the forerunners for the award.

It is also customary to bestow honour on artists who have helped shape the music industry. This year, the iconic Panna Kaji, who is best remembered for the song ‘Tiriri Murali Bajyo Banaima’, will be celebrated and feted.
The maximum buzz during the last season revolved around ‘Bachunjelilai’. The song’s appeal was not just in its beautiful simple tune but also in the fact that it featured the legendary Lata Mangeshkar singing a duet with Ram Krishna Dhakal. Listeners from all across Nepal have spent the last year expressing their delight and gratitude to the ‘Nightingale of Indian Cinema’. The track is nominated for the Public Choice as well as Best Song Award.

The 15th Annual Tuborg Image Awards will not only have some of the most appreciated songs and artists on the cards, the ceremony too is going through a complete overhaul. Here is what Suraj Shrestha, Image FM Station Manager and Co-ordinater of the Tuborg Image Awards, has to say:


What are you looking forward to the most this year at the awards?
We are making changes to this year’s show and are trying to set it apart from our previous ceremonies. We have tried to emulate a sense of novelty with each year’s event but, truth be told, this year should be special.


What changes can we expect?
Well, we are keeping that a surprise for now (laughs). What I can tell you is that the sets will be different, the style of performances are being altered and even the dance numbers are something to look forward to.

Who are the artists that will be performing at the event?
This year we will have Deep Shrestha, Robin Sharma, Kutumba, Nabin K. Bhattarai, Anil Singh, Pramod Khanal, Bishwo Nepali and Shubani Moktan among others gracing the stage. The plethora of artists performing are from various genres and we look ahead to a great show on November 16.

Indeed, the award show is shaping up to be quite the affair and the Army Officer’s Club is certainly the place to be on the 16th. We can also expect a host of big names to attend. People are vocal about their choices and have utilized the online portals to the most. The 21 categories and the public’s involvement in the decision making has certainly gone down well as they exercise their right to vote for their favourite singers. These categories contain an amalgam of popular artists that will certainly make it a tight race to the finish. All in all, the 15th Annual Tuborg Image Awards should be earmarked as an event to watch. !