9/11 did explode the loudest, with Silence Festival providing Nepali metal fans to come together and celebrate the beauty of the vile music.

Hundreds of metal fans had gathered at Bhrikuti Mandap ground on Saturday to witness the biggest heavy metal ritual of the year – Silence Festival. The fourth edition of the annual concert was headlined by Polish blackened death metal super-group Behemoth, who are legends in their own right after more than two decades of relentless musical trip. Fans had arrived even from beyond the capital and some beyond the country, just to witness the band in specific. Other acts sharing the stage included UgraKarma, Underside, Jugaa and And We Came from Nepal, Zygnema from India, and Derrick from Switzerland.

The sight was spectacular – everything from the stage setup to the lighting and sound system had a grandeur to it. Impeccably organized, even the time schedule that was released a couple of days prior to the gig was strictly followed. This was why “And We Came”, the first band to play had to shorten their set due to late arrival at the venue.

It was 5:45 pm when, along with the darkness of the night, the Polish headliners hit the stage with their wicked white face paint (known as corpsepaint) and started uncompromisingly delivering one song after the other.


Their terrific stage persona, tight sound delivery, and technical adeptness were shining throughout, while they manifested their melody-inclined brutal music with some great crowd interaction from their frontman Adam ‘Nergal’ Darski. This was when all hell broke loose and the audience went into a headbanging frenzy. This festival was the final show of Behemoth’s Asia-Australia tour which covered eight countries and twelve cities.

“It was one of the best bands I have seen live after Vader in 2011,” shared Sajun Shrestha on Behemoth, a death metal die-hard present in the gig. Bikrant Shrestha, Managing Director of Silence Festival was also content with the concert as a whole, “The festival was successful as always, and we’re totally satisfied with everything.”

Silence festival started in 2010, when it had hosted bands from Switzerland and Nepal on the same stage. Since then, it has grown bigger every year, inviting more big metal bands from the West to perform in Nepal. And for the same reason, Silence Festival is thus, one of the testaments of the growing underground music community of Nepal which continues to thrive with passion, regardless of the social and political barriers. !