With his upcoming album “Upside Down”, we introduce you to a promising musician, Sanjal Bhandari.

If you ever wondered when there would be an official album of a Nepali musician playing ‘finger-style’ guitar, then you would definitely not want to miss out on Sanjal Bhandari’s debut with his first album of the same genre. You might as well buy yourself the first historic album of  Nepal-born guitarist who carved out his original compositions for the sake of his passion for this form of music. Despite the fact that albums don’t sell off these days like they used to do when CDs and cassette players were still at large around town.

The record had taken the Pokhara-born- musician about four years to complete. In the meantime, he was mostly recording at a friend’s audio studio, which gave Sanjal the liberty to etch his music whenever he wished to. What followed were endless hours of recording sessions. “I did my DRAMA QUEEN track at midnight from 12 to morning 5 without sleeping,” he says, claiming that it was a new fun filled experience altogether.

All the tracks of Sanjal’s new album were recorded at Joon Records. Likewise they were mixed and mastered by Shawmik Sapkota, someone whom Bhandari tags to be a close friend and a ‘down to earth’ person who ‘helps others who are in need’. He is also thankful to his brother-in- law, Suren Lama from the band ‘Connection’, for constantly reminding him to record an album for the sake of his compositions’ compilation and a distinct profile.

As an overall, Sanjal’s debut record will consist of eight tracks-all instrumental (i.e. Guitar) except for one. The exception titled as ‘Manale Chaheko’ is a song with lyrics. Others go straight ahead with the guitarist’s distinct playing styles and are titled as ‘drama queen’, ‘lullaby’, ‘majesty’, ‘sunrise’, ‘throne’, ‘upside down’ and ‘memories’ chronologically, which he explains to be related or based on his spiritual journeys, beliefs and faith.

As much as for his own career, the guitarist believes that his endeavours will help to evoke the passion amongst the emerging youths to take up the instrument and follow his lead. His only expectation is that people would know more about this genre in the local context at the same time.

Staying true to his cause, Bhandari’s music videos of some of the songs that will be featured in his official audio record have already gone viral in YouTube - especially amongst Nepali viewers. This had definitely been able to trigger an enthusiasm amongst the viewers to appreciate such form of music and try playing it out themselves as well.