Tuborg Stage’s Let’s Get Loud comes to a close on 5 October 2013 in Kathmandu.


Tuborg has a promise to keep – the promise to deliver the loudest concert of the nation. And seems like the promise is about to be rightly served on a silver platter as Tuborg Stage’s Let’s Get Loud concert is coming to an end this Saturday on 5 October 2013 in Kathmandu. Proudly so, five of the six Tuborg Stage’s Let’s Get Loud concerts have already seen their success—and man, were they loud!

Tuborg associates with music and musical events worldwide, attempting to leave no opportunity stray to have a venture with a musical event. Globally, the brand Tuborg calls it to have music in its DNA—promoting music, sponsoring musical events with partners or without any, engaging the youth and other music-lovers, and all these under one fun filled, all embracing music platform called “Tuborg Stage”.

This year, Tuborg Stage’s national program Let’s Get Loud was put into the table with a simple idea - that music must be available and accessible to all music lovers. But when this concert came into being, the idea flourished into an event that would bring music for all, and the loudest and largest of it.

Under the threads of a scale, Tuborg hasn’t had an event of this magnitude till date. Yes, there have been musical events where Tuborg has been a part of—and it has been decades since Tuborg has been doing such events. With Let’s Get Loud, they just raised the bar higher.

Down the memory lane
A brief overview of the loudest concert held at major cities in Nepal


10 August, 2013
In the heat and humidity of August in Nepalgunj, when the temperature rises to an uncomfortable degree, standing out in the sun is not something people would choose to do. Well, not if 1974 AD is getting all patriotic. With their lively number of Yo Mann Ta Mero Nepali Ho, people would take pride to their sweat. With nation’s favorite boy Nima Rumba, The Rocker Robin Tamang, Rock Lady Abhaya Subba, evermore popular Mukti & Revival, and the youth icon Swapnil Sharma, Nepalgunj got more than just a loud concert. It got the loudest one!


17 August, 2013
Just a week later at Butwal, amidst 12,000 people who would get an ensemble of the greatest rockers in the nation, Tuborg hoped to make Let’s Get Loud even louder. A sudden downpour would have seriously affected the stratagem, but not if true rock-heads are in tune with true rockers of the nation. No thunderstorm could drown the loud sing-along, no mud could drench the dancing feet. Tuborg delivered memories that would last afresh till the next Tuborg concert there.


31 August, 2013
Narayanghat crowd isn’t known for its demure nature—it is truly a rowdy-bawdy cast of people. And when the number tolls 15,000 individuals amassed in one concert, things could have easily gone out of control. Swapnil Sharma from the Shadows band would make sure that his folks from his hometown would not let that happen. 4 hours of scorching sun can burn the back of the neck, but could not drown the enthusiasm of the fans that so much waited for such a show. Tuborg delivered its promise.


14 September, 2013
Dharan is rock by heart. And why wouldn’t it be? For it has given the nation one of the most popular voices – Sabin Rai. As the crowd at Dharan grooved and pumped in the songs of Sabin Rai, his name was chanted amidst the crowd. Enthusiasm took form of excitement at Dharan’s Public School ground as more than 12,000 fans of Nepali rock music thanked Tuborg from the deep of their heart—one of the loudest concert in the nation had been witnessed at Dharan.

21 September, 2013
In the immediate week after Dharan, the Pokhara concert for Tuborg Stage Let’s Get Loud was held—and nothing less than a resplendent show can be assumed when the crowd is the Pokhara youth. As though paving its way as the prelude to the Kathmandu concert to be held on 5 October, more than 20,000 rock enthusiasts stomped their feet on the ground of Pradarshani Maidan to the lively numbers of Nima Rumba as a serpentine line was still sprawling outside to get into the venue. And to top it all off, the singers gave their tribute to the late singer Phatteman Rajbhandari, whose sad demise however was a commemoration to his contribution.


From the horse’s mouth
What do some of the noise-makers have to say?

Robin Tamang
Robin and the New Revolution
“The headliners from the rock scene in Nepal have been performing at separate stages and have been delivering some of the most memorable concerts. But this is probably the first time that rock maestros have come together to not just do one single concert, but to participate in a whole tour that has encompassed the entire nation.

I thank Tuborg for making it a dream come true. People must have wanted to listen to us not individually but as an ensemble. Tuborg Stage’s Let’s Get Loud has been successful to do so.

The concert is going on well. It all began at Nepalgunj, and from there we have been to Butwal, Narayanghat, Dharan, and Pokhara. With each concert, the energy is even more thriving, even more electric. I expect nothing less than the best of all in Kathmandu concert.”

Abhaya Subba
Abhaya and the Steam Injuns
“Tuborg Stage’s Let’s Get Loud actually became a new stage for us. We have not had a concert of this magnitude ever. Our band has this tag of being a very urban band, which has now rightly been addressed as we are now more of a national band.

It was a thrilling experience — all bands have been really supportive, taking care of each other, helping everyone on the way. It was more like a familial thing than separate performances. Tuborg gave us a platform where we all could be a part of a big family.

The most exciting of it all was the audience. I am surprised to as how the audience has become more inclined to music, to be a part of the concert rather than be hooligans in it. Without the support of the audience, we couldn’t even have had the energy to go on.”


Swapnil Sharma
The Shadows
“Among all the bands, we were not just the youngest by experience but also by age. Apart from all the thrills, the excitements, and the feeling alive factor, Tuborg Stage’s Let’s Get Loud was a great learning experience for our band. Robin Tamang, Mukti Shakya, Nima Rumba—they were all very motivating and inspiring. We had performed with seniors in the past as well, but to have them all on a single stage was already too big.
I extend my deepest gratitude to Tuborg for organizing such a concert. This is a concert in a true sense. We have been performing on stage but they were for some Mela or some food fest. The concerts would always be attached to some event but not a concert. Tuborg Stage came up with a concert in genuine. And after this, we have been booked for other concerts too.

Tuborg Stage’s Let’s Get Loud has been better than I had hoped for. The sound quality throughout the concert duration has been good, there is no compromise in hospitality, the security provision was admirable and above all, the audience was more disciplined and supportive. Tuborg Stage’s Let’s Get Loud is an example to all concerts.”

Binod Lama, Drummer
Sabin Rai and the Elektrix
“It’s already an honor to be performing together with Sabin Rai. We had been his backup band for a long time, but from the past two years, we are a collective band called Sabin Rai and the Elektrix. And with Tuborg Stage’s Let’s Get Loud, we shared the same stage with some of the most favored rockers in Nepal. I count myself lucky to be part of this tour, and a part of this excellent show.

Tuborg Stage’s Let’s Get Loud was organized well and properly managed, which was surely a huge advantage to us. The sound system was awesome, the schedule was maintained accordingly, and the response from the crowd was more than what we had expected.


The entire experience of Tuborg Stage’s Let’s Get Loud has been worthwhile. We surely hope that we can always be a part of such concerts organized by Tuborg. It is a concert in its true sense.”