It’s All about Jazz

Jazzmandu is going from big to bigger. And better, too, for that matter.

Jazz is one of the oldest genres of music, originated in the African-American community of New Orleans in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. This is one of the most loved and soothing genres of music. Its bluesy tones tug the strings of your soul, and will leave you wanting for more.

Jazz has always been appreciated in Nepal, especially in Kathmandu. In 2002, Jazzmandu held its maiden event that changed the way people viewed and listened to music. This was a one-of-a-kind event that brought major changes to the local music scene. It also marked the beginning of the musical journey and collaboration of homegrown artists and international bands. Jazzmandu gained momentum as a week-long musical event, where the symphonies of both local and international artists could be heard.

This year’s edition was no less exciting. Held from the October 12-18 at various locations, this year’s focus was on interacting with students and discovering new styles of jazz. The event kicked off with a concert by students of various schools and performances by the jazz artists. It gave youngsters a chance to uncover the skills behind mastering jazz, and learn from the professionals themselves. This helped inspired budding musicians, and introduced young ears to the smooth and unheard tunes of jazz.

Throughout this week-long event, there were many spectacular and wonderful performances. Explosive jam sessions at various locations made it a musical and fun night out with friends.  The Jazz Bazaar was the perfect way to spend a night under the stars while listening to the tunes performed by an ensemble of artists.  One of the best performances was the ‘Sounds of West Africa’ where international artists Julia Sarr and Filtron M introduced listeners to the hauntingly beautiful and vibrant tunes all the way from Senegal and Mali.

This year, there was a lot of focus on understanding and learning the craft behind jazz. From one-on-one experiences and master classes by the professionals, this was a dream come true for jazz enthusiasts. They got the chance to see how the music is made. The musical performance at The Temple House was a fusion of local and international talent.

The event ended with people listening to the artists perform for one last time, as they danced the night away. Jazzmandu definitely got its A-game going this year. If you are a jazz newbie, then this is the perfect time to introduce yourself to the swaying tunes of jazz. Prepare yourself for the next edition, as its going to be even bigger and better.