DJ stands for disc jockey; they are the people who make us dance like we are the rock stars of the floor.

Standing in front of the crowd, watching them scream out loud, dancing along with the beat, listening to music with soul, smiling and laughing along with it all, that is what the DJ looks forward to every time they stand on the booth. DJ stands for disc jockey; they are the people who make us dance like we are the rock stars of the floor, making us enjoy every moment of it. DJ-ing is a profession that is easy to learn, but needs a lot of concentration and hard work. It is basically the art of mixing different sources of pre-existing recorded music and broadcasting to the live audience.
DJ Prajwal, who has been in this field for eight years now, is one of the owners of Wave DJ Academy. He was previously in a rock band called Vampires. While in the band, he got really inspired by the DJ of the famous band, Linkin Park, and then he started to learn DJ-ing. His passion turned into his career. “Our society still doesn’t know the real meaning of DJ, they think that the DJ is someone who plays at bars, and all. We are trying to let them know about DJ-ing, and trying to change their perspective about DJs” he said. They are trying to give the title ‘artist’ for DJs, too.
Wave DJ Academy was established in April 29, 2012. DJ Prajwal and DJ Suraj started their academy with three students, and now they have taught over more than 250 people. “DJ-ing was just my passion, which I turned into my career and everything. And, as for age, there is no age limit of learning DJ-ing,” said DJ Prawjal. There are three categories—basic, advanced, and digital. Nowadays, digital is more affordable and easy to learn, and also trending. At the present time, all the teenagers are trying to go abroad, and they are most likely to learn bartending, becoming a barista, and DJ-ing. DJ-ing is trending so much and is paid better, so mostly, teenagers are expected to prefer DJ-ing. Many of them tend to return to Nepal and do DJ-ing as a career.
Currently, there are forty-six students learning DJ-ing in Wave DJ Academy. From this academy, some great DJs like DJ Aacis and DJ Rolling are playing at Club Déjà Vu. DJ Kiran is currently playing at Club Ibyza, and DJ Bibek is playing at Fire Club. DJ-ing is now getting its rightful platform slowly and steadily. People come to listen to music at clubs, pubs, and lounges. “Being a DJ feels like we are God, the excitement runs over the body. Watching people enjoying and being happy is only the thing I want to see, and I am really blessed to be a DJ,” said DJ Quinn, another former student of the Academy.