As a part of Tuborg’s contribution to music and a brand that has a huge mass appeal across the nation, Tuborg Stage brings Let’s Get Loud concert, a musical venture to encompass listeners from the entire country.


The rock band 1974 AD is best known for its slow rock number—with crooner Adrian Pradhan, the band conveys intone with the sentiments of urbanites from the East spreading to the very centre of the nation. If we move to Western Nepal, charms of Sabin Rai and his equally penetrating vocals lay charisma to young people—and while Swapnil Sharma from The Shadows band brings in the flavor of underground music.

There are no holds barred for neither Robin Tamang from Robin & the New Revolution nor for Nima Rumba, for they are the rock and pop icon respectively for people of all ages. Mukti & The Revival band would inculcate the tastes of a generation that would call themselves old but aren’t young either. And then there is Abhaya and the Steam Injunes—with Abhaya Subba’s voice battering the eardrums of a true rocker. If the montage with these names isn’t loud enough, then Tuborg Stage’s “Let’s Get Loud” would ensure that it is—for the concert “Let’s Get Loud” encircles the entire nation, traversing over 6 cities over a span of almost two months. Tuborg calls it ‘Nepal’s Loudest Concert’ to date.

Globally, the brand Tuborg associates itself with music and leaves no opportunity stray to not associate with any musical event. As such, the brand has music in its DNA—and to promote music, to sponsor musical events and to bring in the youth imagery in music, Tuborg has culminated a channelized platform “Tuborg Stage”.

“Tuborg Stage’s Let’s Get Loud concert was borne out of a simple idea that Tuborg, even though associated as the largest brand to music in Nepal, has not created any significant seismic wave. And when this concert came into being, the only idea was to have music for all, and the loudest and largest of it”, says Saurav Karanjeet, Brand Marketing Manager at Gorkha Brewery.

He adds, “For Tuborg, this is not just a concert, but also a brand promise to deliver music to all. Yes, we could have decided to bring in international artists and compel music lovers with such an attraction, but that would not rope in the entire country, would it? And when we say it’s music for all, we reach to these all, the entire nation and showcase our own music personalities. The entry to this concert is thus free—that’s the only way it could become music for all”.

Under the threads of a scale, Tuborg hasn’t had an event of this magnitude till date. Yes, there have been musical events where Tuborg has been a part of—and it has been decades since such Tuborg has been doing such events. But Tuborg Stage Let’s Get Loud is by far, the longest, largest and loudest of them all.
“When we say music for all,” elucidates Karanjeet. “It isn’t only about where we reach and how we reach—but also with whom we reach. The panel of artists that we have aren’t mere national icons but their fan following is age-oriented and region-leaned as well. To not miss out the very far of Nepal, thus in the first phase of Let’s Get Loud, we have Harmony band at Dhangadi and artist like Regina Rimal for Mid-West to add into our profile of local fan following. This concept is called the Musical Truck that travels to 23 different cities. Maybe the loudest concert could get a bit louder”?

And, what’s in future for Tuborg’s musical strides? Saurav Karanjeet lets us peek into it—music and films!
He puts it in a nutshell: “Avenues cannot stay hidden. Globally, Tuborg is associated with most of the film festivals. In Nepal too, we have had our eyes to introduce Music Film Festival. As a part of this process, Tuborg associated as Fun Partner to the film Karkash, which has its premises laid out in rock music. We strive to keep moving. Tuborg Stage Let’s Get Loud is actually an intricate design—but once we go big, we will not size it down. In future, Tuborg will definitely be bigger.” !