At the end of the Vatvatey event there was concert by some well-known musicians, namely, Dinesh Rai, Midnight Riders, and Neetesh jung Kunwar. People were really grooving to the beat and enjoying the music. Starting off the performance with Dinesh Rai, people started to slowly get into the “music zone” with soft beats and mellow voice, he gave a great start to the concert as people started gathering around and enjoyed his music.

Next up it was the Midnight Riders who gave a power-packed performance. Being a rock band, they really lived up to their name and gave an amazing show for the audience. The biker audience got really pumped up with the beats of the band, and with some really good songs, the Midnight Riders ended their performance. The band members were very glad to perform, and they said, “It was a really nice experience, and we were really excited to perform. The ambience and the crowd—everything—was just amazing, and we hope to come next year, as well.”

After the Midnight Riders came Neetesh Jung Kunwar, probably the most awaited performance of the day, as most of the crowd was really looking forward to see NJK perform on stage. All the people present at the event gathered around to see him perform, and girls wearing shirts with his song lyrics screamed out his name and welcomed him on stage. Kunwar started with his popular songs and went on according to the audience’s request, the crowd jumping and singing along with him. It was the highlight moment of the event. NJK said, “I am myself a bike enthusiast, and this event is really bringing together the biker community. And, we get to see a lot of new and vintage bikes, which is really a treat for the bike lovers, and I hope to come next year, as well.”

The crowd really seemed to enjoy the music, supporting the artist on the stage. They cheered on with great energy, expressing their love towards the artists and their music. Indeed, at Vatvatey Reunion 2018, the music was one of those things that was highly appreciated by the crowd.