Think of three things. First, a stadium in UK acclaimed globally. Second, a Nepali band with international recognition. Third, an event that could draw thousands of Nepali from around the world to Europe. I could give you all three in one sentence - Nepathya playing live in Wembley.Nepali band playing in international arena and that too for commercial purposes- this could look like a distant dream. “Not quite. We have the ability to organize these programs. All we need to do is some work,” shares Arpan Sharma, Director of Nepalaya. Nepalaya is the official manager of the band and is a huge influence in making this concert possible.

Why Wembley?
It is one of the most reputed arenas for any artist to be a part of. Wembley is known to host concerts but only after much consideration. It has to live up to the expectation of that audience who go there for the location if not for the band. “Wembley has regular audience. These people might not know the band that is playing but they trust the stadium to host exceptional shows,” says Sharma.

Think of a big name in music industry and they have had shows in Wembley, AC/DC, Take that, Oasis, The Beatles, Madonna, Metallica, Green day, Foo Fighters and so on. There have been shows that have been revered and loved throughout the world. Wembley is a pride. And Nepal will soon a part of this legacy.

Nepathya as a band

Termed as “the most earthy of Nepali bands”, Nepathya has been creating music for more than 24 years. They are pioneers in blending Nepali folk songs into rock music creating a contemporary feel to tunes and melodies that have always existed in the corners of the country. Their songs are known to represent Nepal just the way it is at the moment. At the time of civil war, the message from their songs was filled with hope at the time of distress. Social messages have always been a part of the band. The popularity of this band can only be explained by the retention of their tunes in the mind of the people long after the release of the song. Songs like Chekya Chekyo, Jomsomai Bazarma, Resham, Bheda ko Oon Jasto and so on have been a part of Nepalese music industry for more than a decade and have somehow retained their reputation.

The merger

How was the merger between Nepathya and Wembley possible? If we look at it the right way, it will not come as a surprise at all. Wembley has always encouraged artists that are special. Nepathya fits that criterion perfectly. “We went through a long process as was required to organize an event as grand. But it was worth every bit of hassle. We want to target the Nepalese who have settled abroad and also every person actually who has a thing for good music,” says Arpan. In an international platform, it is impossible for a band to perform unless they are revered by a considerable number of people. Nepathya’s popularity is evident through this merger.

What it means to the band
Amrit Gurung is the guardian and the lead vocalist of the band. “It is just another performance if you look at it. But it is in a platform that is immensely respected. As a band you discussed playing in Wimbley. This is a dream come true in many sense. We always practiced regularly. We are doing it now as well. I guess we are ready for Wimbley,” says Amrit. For a band of a country without a single auditorium appropriate for live performances, an international arena is not just an important achievement; it is immensely commendable one too.

Nepal and Wembley

The merger has been made possible with our best band. After successfully attending and performing in major concerts and music festivals around the world, Nepathya is ready to meet its fans in Wembley. “The bookings have been great. I have had people call from around Europe and even US for details of the program,” shares Arpan.

“We need good music. Nepathya as a band has opened doors to many others who have a dream to perform in a prestigious platform. This is not just an event. It is more like an assembly of Nepali people in an outstanding environment enjoying and celebrating our music with their family and friends,” shares Amrit.
Nepathya has chosen tunes and melodies from far and wide in Nepal. So when you are a part of this event, you will be instantly welcomed by the beautiful tunes of this country though you are thousands of miles away. So wait until 3 August 2012 when the band makes its appearance in the grand Wimbley. What are they going to perform? I guess we will just have to be patient. For now, let the curtains rise!