I’ve walked by the sidewalks lining Naxal petrol pump too many times to count, and each time I walk, I always notice two things—how busy the petrol pump is, and the brightly-lit Yamaha Music showroom on the opposite side. Yamaha Music began with humble roots in Japan, now it is one of the most popular music instrument companies in the world, with almost thirty percent share in the music instrument industry. And it has opened its facilities in Nepal, as well, starting with one in Naxal, with plans for more in cities outside of Kathmandu, such as Pokhara and many more.

Yamaha is the only company in this industry that focuses on both acoustic and digital instruments, giving you a wide range of state-of-the-art instruments to choose from. Whether you are a beginner wanting to start your musical journey with a sturdy and reliable instrument, or an advanced musician hoping to experiment with newer sounds and possibilities, the showroom provides you with various options. Everything that goes into the making of its instruments are made in the company itself, since they do not believe in outsourcing. So, you know that they’re going to make each product the finest possible.

They offer three categories of products—musical instruments, ranging from string instruments to wind instruments; professional audio, consisting of mixers, amplifiers, and such; and audio-visual systems, such as portable speakers and surround system speakers. What sets them apart is their dedication to quality. If you have one guitar from this company, and unless you want to upgrade to another kind of guitar, you’re set for life.

The addition of the showroom to the city is a great boost to the emerging music scene in Nepal, as both aspiring musicians and professionals can now benefit from the opportunity, being able to use instruments straight from the authorized dealership itself, and having the option of requesting instruments not readily available in Nepal.
If you’re more of a piano person, you can try their various digital pianos that provide an authentic piano touch and tone that is suitable for any pianist, which are available in either rosewood or black walnut finishes, and have a classic and poised look to add to your home. But, if you’re more into keyboards, then you can venture into their impressive line of keyboards.

Of course, the showroom isn’t just a boon to musicians, if you’re the average Joe and are looking for quality speakers, then this is the place for you. They provide a range speakers, from normal speakers and Bluetooth speakers to home system speakers, you have a lot to choose from. Along with playing high-resolution audio files such as WAV and FLAC, you can also stream online music services through their Bluetooth speakers, and have the option for speakers that can provide wireless multi-room audio playback. A cool addition to this showroom is their demo room. Furnished with comfortable armchairs, a flat screen, and CDs to play, this room gives you the chance to relax and try out their products before you make the leap into buying them.

With such a vast range of facilities, the showroom is perfect for music lovers of all kinds. Whether for learning, playing for fun, or performing on stage, you will find everything you want to satisfy your musical needs at the Yamaha Music showroom.