The Guwahati-based progressive metal band Ticks Talk made quite the waves in the auspicious MAB weekend. It’s a band that has been brought together by the love of music, and to quote them, “to just do something different.”


The Michael Angelo Batio concert at Naach Ghar also gave an opportunity to a little known act for us here in Nepal. Ticks Talk brought out their eclectic style of play and opened for MAB. The boys from Guwahati all come from different genres of music and explain how they wish to sing on stage their tale, their way. Singer Bhargav Talukdar, guitarist Yoon Narzary, bassist Sun Singha, Pretom Boro on keys and Partha on drums make this 5-set what it is.

How did all of you come together?
Well, we were formed back in 2012 but we have all had prior music experience and come from quite varied backgrounds. From alternative to thrash all of us had that drive to make it in music for a long time. It is this passion for music that all of us share and really that is what brought us together.


Lets talk about Guwahati. How is the music there?
There is a pocket there that enjoys the music we play. We have regular shows in pubs and places around town but the main draw are the music festivals, the college festivals in particular. IIT- Guwahati’s annual fest is a breeding ground for a lot of metal, rock acts and that is where they showcase their talents. Plus it brings in big numbers of people so it is a great platform.


What kind of music is it that you want to showcase?
We try and bring together different genres under one roof. Since we all hail from different backgrounds there is just a natural blend of all these styles. Our first single Drug Dimension is where you can see this. What we just wish to achieve is have our own niche; a sound that defines Ticks Talk. While it is great to play covers, it is tremendously satisfying to hear your original song being played on the radio. While the radio airplay is limited there, we have had our single broadcasted in radio stations in Australia and New Zealand through friends and it was great for us.

Why don’t we back up a bit and hear why it is that the band is called Ticks Talk?
Ticks Talk is what the clock says; when ticks, talk. How time tells you a story with every second and it is a homage to the style of music we bring.


How’s the Nepali experience been so far?
Fantastic! We look forward to our performance at Naach Ghar and it would be nice if one of us could do a stage dive (laughs). The people here, the organizers and fans have been great and we look forward to a good show.

What are your future goals?
We are just looking forward to taking our music to different corners of India and coming out to Nepal and other countries as well. This is our first visit here and the buzz, largely due to MAB, has been great. It is a great honor opening for the man as well. We have seen his videos and are very aware about his guitars, and it was great meeting him too. Our goal is to keep the band steady, release more singles and work towards a record deal. Going international is also an aim we have and we are working towards, but that will come in due time. It’s a long road ahead and we look to just keep playing. !