The veteran singer, cheap uggs Yogesh Vaidya is all set to launch a poetry collection that was long in the making

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With the launch of his book Samayeka  replica watches Prawahama Chuteka Palharu (“Residual moments in a stream of time”), singer/songwriter/composer and a Master’s degree holder in Food Science and Nutrition, Yogesh Vaidya will be revealing his literary compositions air max pas cher as a poet—written within a time period of almost 50 years—to the public for the first time.

Known for a melodious  air max pas cher longchamp voice that gave justice to songs by legendary composers, poets, and lyricists such as Natikaji, Siddhi Charan Shrestha, Kiran Kharel, Nararaj Dhakal, and Ratna Sumsher Thapa among others, the 65-year-old singer’s presence in the  air max pas cher music industry was and still is unlike any other, apart from maybe a handful of individuals of his generation. So far, 350 of his recorded songs have been released within a time span of almost 56 years. air max pas cher

One of Vaidya’s louis vuitton outlet hits Sapana Vhulayi Sara—written by Shiva Adhikari and composed by Natikaji—still receives frequent airplay on Radio Nepal. The singer is also known for his exquisite taste in literature. This reputation will be evident this week with the release of his book. The launch will  louis vuitton outlet take place at The City Museum in Durbarmarg on 14 November.

“I was always inspired and attracted by lyrics that had a certain level of literary depth, which is why I ended up singing songs that were true to their cause, hoping to give justice to what they stood for,” says Vaidya. In his book too, readers will replica watches find that besides being a singer and a senior government officer, Vaidya did not miss out on any chance to immerse himself in the depths of Nepali literature. His vocabulary and style of writing in the poems reflect this interest, in the wonderful  way he has described his thoughts and feelings.

Although from a science background (the singer has published books on nutrition), Vaidya doeslancel not view his knowledge in these two fields as separate. “Development is a term that tends to be plural in nature. Hence, the way I view my intuitions is similar to the relation of music and literature,” he says. This self-interpretation of his consciousness is literary as well as moderate, and might perhaps provide his readers with the key to unlock the true meaning of his stream of thoughts. It also proves that the poet is true to his writings, as he was to his songs, for they have been etched during times of real sadness and joy, and evidently describe the various aspects of human nature.

Recently honored by the Natikaji Smriti Samaj for providing them with the only surviving copy of Pinjadako Suga, a musical project by the legendary musician Natikaji (based upon the famous poem by Lekhnath Poudel), Yogesh Vaidya is an important figure in Nepal’s modern classical music scene. In addition, this book of his will definitely put him in a new position - that of a poet who represents society’s for years!