The advent of YouTube in sharing music has been phenomenal. Over the past few years, the website has acted as a tool in the discovery of many new and interesting artists. Here, we have gathered ten Nepali music videos that burned bright in 2013.


e best of the worst, or the worst of the best – however you put it, this video was the undisputed king of Nepali YouTube phenomenons in 2013! So much so, even its parodies created quite a splash. Just a moment ago, a wedding band outside the office started playing the tune while we were discussing how Bhim dai’s dance steps have surpassed Gangnam Style in popularity. You shouldn’t be surprised if Bhim Niroula gags replace Chuck Norris jokes – he’s a legend in his own right after all!

“I first saw this as a link to an Alan Cross newsletter. He said this song would be stuck in our heads for the rest of the day. (Thank You!) Not only was he right, but every now and then I am compelled to seek it out on You Tube. It’s very catchy, and I think the guy is sweet and endearing. A lovely song!” - Old Yeller (3 weeks ago)
“crazy but good
I was trying to copy his dance but cudnt
this guy is genius”
- atif sheikh (1 week ago)



Ankit Shrestha is known for his springy, totally-natural, semi-dreadlocked hair but this soothing song of his has been all the rage. It’s not that he was unheard of before; Shrestha was involved in a few popular underground metal bands including Wings Of Spasm and Plan Aftermath, but has now evidently expanded his musical territory with this solo acoustic project. ‘The Underwater Song’ sounds simple but behind it is a technical complexity. You really ought to check out a couple of other equally impressive songs of his on YouTube.


“ma ta timro fan bhaye daju!!!!
baru english bhnda nepali gaunu bhako bhaye jhan khatra hunthyo
your voice and guitar skills ko laagi infinite likes!!!
good luck! :D”
- julina shrestha (3 weeks ago)
“Beautifully executed! The song’s so soothing, it’s become my latest jam.”
- durlav1n (12 weeks ago)
“John Mayer + Andy McKee+ Bob Marley = Ankit Shrestha.”
- Asmin Ghale (2 months ago)



Contrary to the song title, it seems the listeners didn’t take a lot of time to fall in love with ‘Bistarai’. Featuring melodious vocals backed by a percussive tabla, this acoustic piece was quick to win hearts and hits. What’s funny is that Rohit was actually attempting to make a song about nature when it eventually transformed into a love anthem. Initially, the video was slated to be filmed in Chyasal, Patan, but the location was later moved to Chunikhel in Bhaisepati. The man with the curls even had to sell his bike to fund it. With the song putting him on top of numerous charts, I’m certain that it was well worth the sacrifice.

“damn!! bistarai bistarai sustari sustari sabailey praise garney chan bro tapailaii... such a melodious tone u’ve got.... #respect”
- Anuprastha Poudel (1 month ago)


To listen to ‘Thorai’, it’s best to sit back and relax. Then, while exploring your sentiments, try to create a connection between them and the song’s words. This video quickly channeled my thoughts towards Coldplay’s ‘Paradise’. If you’ve seen the two, you might have noticed a similarity – both have cute dummies. But cute dummies alone do not make a great video. The finesse of the music, the concept of the video and its subsequent execution is what does the trick. If you need proof of how the quality of Nepali videos have improved lately, look no further.


“looks like Calvin and Hobbes’’ all grown up.. grt song and nice vid..”
- abuaaa (9 months ago)

“The song is very nice. Proud to have musicians like Pramithus Khadka, Rohit Shakya, Bibhusit Basnet. Just that I don’t understand the story of the video. Perhaps it’s just me.” - udeep shakya (9 months ago)

“Lyrics let you explore your imaginations and express your thoughts with the words giving indefinite meanings to a song even in a definite mass!! i guess:)” - Shreerajan Shrestha (7 months ago)


“This song is based on a true story. Any resemblance to any living person is intentional.” When the disclaimer itself states this, you know you are in for a fun ride. ‘Neta Ji’ is what made JFI a much sought after band. They took home a couple of titles at the 2013 edition of the Hits FM Music Awards and opened for Mohit Chauhan in November. The engaging aspect of the video and song is that it channels the public’s anger and frustration with the country’s politicians while being backed by a skank-worthy reggae beat. The band even manages to hurl veggies at political slogans! Brilliant, no?

“ek dui hapta ko laagi national anthem yo rakhnu parne ho k haha...ajha nepal ko sports tournament ma :D” - bhusan gurung (3 months ago)

“23 dislike 23 parties ko ho hae” - safic hop (2 months ago)

“is that picture still in that wall? if yes then where is this wall? I also want to buy a crate of eggs and hit like crazy !!!” - krishna kc (8 months ago)



Lakhey, the first “ethnic Newari metal” band from Nepal, is a very original project initiated by guitar maestro Anil Dhital. By trying to invoke a cultural essence in metal, they have come up with something never done before in the genre. There’s the inclusion of more than a dozen traditional instruments including the traditional flute, dhime, dhyangro (that jhakris use to “drive out spirits”), kaa, pongraa (played during funerals), etc. The production could have been better but the video is definitely goose-bump inducing.


“Awwssomme.!!! was always scared of “THE LAKHEY” when i was a child.. the music just made me nostalgic!!!” - Manish Manandhar (1 month ago)

“This band can get to the top of the world” - Pradish Kijukchhe (2 months ago)

“unpleasent music but still unique...........what to say? no words” - Ketan Shrestha (2 months ago)

“I am not a fan of metal too ; but this is great in cultural point of view” - kehi chaina (3 months ago)


Humans are strange. We are entertained by watching people pummel each other – physically (enter WWE) and verbally (case in hand). But, worry not, it’s all friendly and creative verbal bashing here. Nepal’s first rap battle league Raw Barz took over the internet like a storm and this video had a lot to do with it. The two gentlemen, loaded with words, went toe to toe, attacking each other with poetic creativity. While many of Raw Barz’s battles were fairly uncreative, Laure Vs Unik Poet took originality to lofty new heights.


“First nepali video with 1 million views. Thank god it finally reacher 1 million views before Sunday morning love you. This battle is literally an epic battle where two brave nephop warriors battled and gave us an amazing battle to remember for years. This was an amazing battle where there were many great disses and rebuttal.” - Shreejan Amatya (1 month ago)

“This shit Is just legendary..... Kids in 10 20 years will watch this and be like oh this was the first rap battle in Nepal . Damiiiii” - pradin gurung (2 months ago)




If there is one band bringing the essence of Nepali life into beautiful music, it’s Night. Using traditional Nepali instruments, a typical Night song is capable of giving the listener goosebumps. The video for Tuina ko… lived up to the music and how! For those unaware, Night was started as a doom metal project before their surprising stylistic shift. Tuina ko... proved that they are more than capable of creating fine new-school folk tunes after years of exploring local music from different parts of the country.


“Real Nepal. Dusty, Dirty, Green, Lovely, Traditional, Hospitable...Adventurous.” - Sirikit Joshi (3 months ago)
“this is by far the best nepali Music & video....and the lyrics too..the part that says “sakkiyechha banabhoj aba sahara mana mooj”...thumbs up to the concept!!” - bibek ghimmire (3 weeks ago)

“got tearful, loved the way truth has been portrayed, music superb, loved lyrics the most, and cinematography is the cherry on the top, PERFECT, great job!!”
- Nitish Mudbhari (1 month ago)



This song is simple and uncomplicated and I’m having a tough time putting it into words. One thing is for sure though, it’s awesome! ‘Samjhana Ko Lahara’ is about how thousands of Nepalese leave the country each year in search of a better life but later realize that they have lost something they never thought they had. What more? The video is cheaply but intelligently made. Overall, it’s short and sweet!


“This song remind me my hometown sarlahi...”
- Manish Panta (1 month ago)

“This is butiful.....brings me memories of Nepal ,the lights of the crowd and the busy streets.... Love it...memories are indeed the most butiful part of our ur song...:-))” - peace lovefaith (1 month ago)




To call Tumbleweed Inc. the Nepali equivalent of Rage Against The Machine would be apt. Adding rap to groovy rock riffs, the outfit is led by the former axe-man of The Axe Band, Sharad Shrestha, hailed as one of the best in the country in doing what he does. While not exactly reinventing the wheel, they’re still bringing something fresh to the table in the context of the Nepali music scene. ‘Badalido Samaj’ was shot in front of Kolor Kathmandu’s ‘Ma Alag Chhu’ mural in Jamal and they couldn’t have found a better location to tie up with their concept.


“Feel like John Frunsciante playing in RATM ! ... but the band is unique on their own.” - Anupam Shrestha (6 months ago)

“very good thing about this band is that they were influenced from RATM but didnt try to be them. Long way to go brothers. cheers!!” - 69kharel (6 months ago)