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Educational Entertainment

American rapper Kellee Maize is all set to perform in Basantapur at the end of this week. Opening for her will be a superb lineup of musicians. But, behind all the entertainment, is a worthy mission.

Culmination of the Classical

The marriage between Eastern and Western music is something we are accustomed to, having heard it all through a plethora of ensembles.

Tour De'Nepal

The back story of international musicians in Nepal

A Win-Win for All

The afternoon of 14 December was a special day for many artistes in the Nepali music industry. The 15th Annual Tuborg Image Award finally happened at the Army Officers' Club after being postponed for...

Rolling in the Deep

Deep Shrestha recalls the Golden Age of Nepali music and displays a healthy disdain for singers with no talent

Eating out of his Hands

Tundikhel on the evening of 30 November bore witness to an affair that the people in attendance are unlikely to forget for a long time to come.

The Voice That Moves The Subcontinent

Mohit Chauhan needs no introduction. With hits like Dooba Dooba, Masakkali, Tum Hi Ho, etc, Chauhan is one of the most sought-after playback singers in Bollywood

Nepali Mongolian Hearts

Adding to a successful musical career spanning many years, Raju Lama is back with a new album with Mongolian Hearts.

Behemoth of a Show

9/11 did explode the loudest, with Silence Festival providing Nepali metal fans to come together and celebrate the beauty of the vile music.

Rusty yet New!

Originally from Darjeeling, Rusty Nails was one of the first rock bands of the 80’s from that region to have made an impact in the live music scene of Nepal. The band recently released its first...

And the Award Goes to…

The award season is in full swing as 2013 draws to a close. We now give you reasons why you should tune into the Tuborg Image Awards if you can't be there live.

Euphoria Through Nylon Strings

Kathmandu International Classical Guitar Festival 2013 indulged the music lovers of the city by bringing together guitarists from around the world. A festival celebrating the blissful sounds and possi...

The Loudest Concert: In the Loudest City

The Dashrath Stadium, which recently witnessed a full house during the 10th SAFF Games, saw another 20000+ crowd in the finale of Tuborg Stage - Let's Get Loud.

Did You Hear It?

Tuborg Stage's Let's Get Loud comes to a close on 5 October 2013 in Kathmandu.

Setting a Benchmark

For the organizers of Tuborg Let's Get Loud, the aim was to bring together all Nepalese through common tunes and excitements.

Reviving the Folk

Whenever we talk about Nepali popular music, Deepak Bajrachaya's name pops up, probably out of appreciation for his Latino style and soothing vocals.

From Abhayas Helm

How does the loudest concert in Nepal look like when seen from a singer's point of view? Abhaya Subba shares

Who Moved my 'Teej'?

Teej celebrations are entertainment to women, but what do men expect?

Their Time

The Guwahati-based progressive metal band Ticks Talk made quite the waves in the auspicious MAB weekend. It’s a band that has been brought together by the love of music, and to quote them, “to just do...

Lyrics and Meaning

Do lyrics really matter? Music is a universal language, but without words even the universal language loses semantics.