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Did You Hear It?

Tuborg Stage's Let's Get Loud comes to a close on 5 October 2013 in Kathmandu.

Setting a Benchmark

For the organizers of Tuborg Let's Get Loud, the aim was to bring together all Nepalese through common tunes and excitements.

Reviving the Folk

Whenever we talk about Nepali popular music, Deepak Bajrachaya's name pops up, probably out of appreciation for his Latino style and soothing vocals.

From Abhayas Helm

How does the loudest concert in Nepal look like when seen from a singer's point of view? Abhaya Subba shares

Who Moved my 'Teej'?

Teej celebrations are entertainment to women, but what do men expect?

Their Time

The Guwahati-based progressive metal band Ticks Talk made quite the waves in the auspicious MAB weekend. It’s a band that has been brought together by the love of music, and to quote them, “to just do...

Lyrics and Meaning

Do lyrics really matter? Music is a universal language, but without words even the universal language loses semantics.

What Happened in Wembley

On 3 August, Nepal’s prominent folk rock band Nepathya gave its first performance at the Wembley Stadium in London.

Let’s Get Loud

As a part of Tuborg’s contribution to music and a brand that has a huge mass appeal across the nation, Tuborg Stage brings Let's Get Loud concert,

Up In The Clouds

What MTV did all those years ago, was basically kill radio. They even made a song about it, Video Killed the Radio Star.

The Wildfire and Asaar Guy - Bipul

Bipul Chettri is the man behind the popular songs Wildfire and Asaar. A quick look at the SoundCloud comment box of both the numbers tells us he has established quite an illustrious fan base within a...

The Life of a Pianist

Upendra Lal Singh is a veteran keyboard and piano player of Nepal. Sitting next to his Yamaha upright grand piano (88 keys), the 48-year-old composer and musician reflects on his life as a musician an...

Mouth Music

Bibash Paudel, a composer and arranger in his own right, brings in his first solo A Cappella number Timi Nai Hau.

The World at Your Feet

You're on stage and the rain comes pouring down. Such was the scene on the evening of 21 June, as all of Kathmandu celebrated music.

From Sahar Timro to Taremaam

Karma Band with distinct vocals of Surendra Man Singh brings in a blend of rock and Newari folk music. With such fusion, the band has been able to create its own identity in the Nepali music industry,...

Few Sons of Fusion

When the lines of genres are blurred and something amazing is emerging in the land of music, it is called Fusion. It is not merely the mesh of two styles, but a bliss reached, without even realizing i...

For Beats and Melody

Music artists focused towards financial success and social fame gather together in different venues once a year to celebrate the glory of music.