A Design Studio

Text By: Archana Shrestha

From mingling metal and wood designs, to bringing out unique depictions of furniture and accessories, to conceptualizing architectural designs with flair, Metalwood stands out in the field of architecture, interior designing, and carpentry among other design firms in Nepal. Being a design studio itself and a workshop that creates components to add life to a place, their office space is an architectonic haven, where architects, metal workers, and designers come together to bring out the best they have to offer. Nicolos Marie, one among the four managing partners at Metalwood, answers Fr!day’s questions about their office space.

Text By Archana Shrestha

How did Metalwood come to have their office in this very place?
Before it was Metalwood, it was the workshop of our sister company, Metalshaper, which was run by two of our partners, Nim Joshi and Suraj Joshi. Then, Jitendra Shrestha and I, from Cozy Nepal, came together to extend the workshop further by adding carpentry and architectural designs to the existing one. They already had the tools and skills, which was a plus point for us to start a partnered venture. We are in the middle of old Patan at Saugal, surrounded by authentic Nepali architecture, and it is the best place for us to work.

How long did it take to make Metalwood’s design studio?
We designed this place with our first and only architect and our workers in our beginning days. It took us two years to plan the entire thing, but after we got started, the extension was completed within two weeks. In our starting days, we worked for six months without the extension for carpentry and studio. We had less people, and a small room back then, but we had to start from somewhere, and luckily it has been going well so far.

How does the designing and crafting happen at Metalwood?
Metalwood works in renovating houses, construction, and making furniture. For designing, we have four in-house architects, who take notes and make sketches and designs as per as the need of the clients. After the designs are finalized, the management team supervises the production and gets started with the project. For lighting and accessories using metals like brass and copper, designing and assembling is done with the joint effort of the local artisans from Patan, who work next to this workshop building. All the work happens on the basis of proper work divisions, agendas, planning, scheduling, and delivery logistics.

Tell us more about your work space and office norms.
The design studio is an open and bright space. The administration and architects’ desk are in the same floor, because we felt a need to work together in the same space; sharing our ideas and delivering the best to our clients. There are workshops for carpentry and metal works, where everyone, including metal workers, carpenters, designers, and architects, can work collaboratively. As for the office norm, we are a group of like-minded people who enjoy working together on creating and constructing. The major focus, however, is on quality control of all the products that we make, along with proper time management.