We’ve all stumbled across a video or two from Fuzz Factory Productions that have either inspired or pleasantly surprised us. From completely reinventing one’s views of the country to capturing Nepal through the lens of romanticism, it was no surprise that we wanted to visit their space and have a look for ourselves where all of these creative ideas were coming from.

Greeted in with flooding sunlight and grey washed walls, the office of Fuzz Factory Productions had a warm and welcoming sense of feeling to it. Open windows and a cozy little balcony provided fresh air that kept everyone lively. With untouched concrete floors, it gave off a subtle industrial look, but still played it natural with wooden tables and green plants, that, quote, ‘surprisingly hadn’t died, yet’.

A few vintage black and white photos, hidden among papers and piled binders, added artistic notes to the space, along with a few novels stacked here and there. A lounging couch and a few bright pillows seemed to be useful for some down time, or more comfortable seating options.

After having moved into the place two years ago, the space for Fuzz Factory Productions has been more than just a spot for working, but rather a place for collaboration and an exchange of ideas. Designed to increase productivity and decrease the monotony of a “stereotypical workplace”, they don’t have designated working spots, but rather, are encouraged to move around and work wherever they feel comfortable. Want to work after five or want to come in early? Yeah, sure, if that’s what you like!

Fuzz Factory Productions also has been constantly working with artists, videographers, musicians, and photographers outside of their in-house collaborators that has people coming in and meeting them constantly. A separate desk in a different room has been serving as a meeting desk, where they plan projects, work together, and find new stories.

Overall, Fuzz Factory’s place embodies who they are. Their creativity, sense of collaboration, and down-to-earth roots all play out in their space. We had a wonderful time visiting, and have a feeling that there is much more that they have in store waiting for us.