Radio Nagarik

Radio Nagarik, the radio station that has been creating quite a buzz within its short time of establishment, has quite the lively workspace. The only radio station that broadcasts live on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram, Radio Nagarik 96.5 has a small but quite hip environment, as Aavash Ghimire, voice of Radio Nagarik, a writer, and YouTuber puts it.

Text By Johnson Shrestha

What does your office consist of?

Our office consists of the news team, entertainment, and operations. There are voices (RJs), news readers, marketing, admins, etc., and our supervisors. There are few people, and this is a small place, but we are quite lively!

Talking about my actual workplace, where the magic happens, there are two studios, a recording studio and a live one. We have two computers in each station, a mixer and mics. A master computer has the radio station software, two cameras that stream all the live programs, which we can transition by ourselves. We make sure we use the best equipment—the original Beats headphones by Dr. Dre and Yamaha speakers and Yamaha mixer board makes the sound experience in this studio quite immersive. Our computers are close to state-of-the-art, not really high end, but one that gets our jobs done smoothly.

What is your office to you?

Honestly, this is a chilling-out place for me. I practice most of lines on my way here and build ideas for my show, so that I have the freedom to experiment. Hence, my workplace is very creative. I believe that the more chilled-out the workplace, the more creative you get. To make my shows interesting, I play with the trending and relatable topics. We also cover for each other sometimes, and it’s really interesting to do something different once in a while. And, all this is possible only because of the liberty of the place, and the way we have been groomed by Aashish Syangden, our COO.

How does creativity originate in your workplace?

When you get to bring out what is the best in you, without restrictions, it happens. For example, whenever you enter your workplace through the door, and you are instructed strictly to do this and that, you can’t do what’s best. But, here, its like, “Can I do this?” “Definitely”, and that’s how it is. I have the liberty to decide how to conduct my own show. When you have the independence to do what you like, creativity flows.

You do share this office with others, how do you think you treat the office differently?

My office is my ‘temple’. We are freelancers, as we don’t need a fixed workplace, do we? I respect my work and workplace immensely. I don’t use the office materials carelessly. We have some equipment that are wearing out, but we are very careful with them, so that they last. It’s a way of respecting your workplace, the little things that matter. The more you respect your work, the better it pays you back.

What should an ideal workplace be like, in general?

Organizational culture is the most important. Organizational culture is set by the top level, but implemented by everyone. There should be optimum amount of liberty to allow you to experiment and explore to make everything better. Your workplace should make you want to work, not finish up for the sake of it! Other than that, effective co-operation, communication, and interaction among everyone is a must.