On Wings That Take Flight


On Wings That Take Flight is a section which focuses on providing the youth of the nation with opportunities and examples from which they can derive a path for potential careers. Since being a barista has come to be a hot topic in Nepal, this edition contains the necessary information.

Text by: Samyak Shrestha

The art of roasting, brewing, and perfecting coffee from scratch is the job of a professional barista. Although their job seems to be the least complex, they actually have to go through a rigorous course of training. A barista must be capable and determined enough to always learn more, and operate a number of expresso machines.

Many baristas take great pride in their skills and spend years honing specific techniques for crafting perfect drinks. This obsessive tendency to improve one's craft led to local and international barista competitions. Although formal barista competitions originated in Norway, the most famous and respected barista competition is now the World Barista Championships (or WBC), which like the Olympics, is located in a new country every year.

Nepal has a considerable amount of motivated youth willing to work as baristas with dedication, and make it their career. Many trainees at the British Coffee Council seem to show keen interest, as Jon Skinner (British judge of the World Barista Championship) has stated.

The British Coffee School is a recent yet comprehensive platform to kick-start any eager barista’s career through British qualification and certification. They have four internationally imported machines from Australia and Britain to boost the quality of the training. Their aim is to make Nepali baristas a human resource which is internationally recognized and sellable. Moreover, they host practical and theoretical examinations for their trainees (80%:20%) created and sent from the United Kingdom to grant them a better perspective.

Being a newly-founded institute, they specialize in one-to-one training, which prioritizes quality over quantity or fame. Furthermore, the British Coffee School has initiated their training as an established school, and not from a café. They plan to on take more Nepali youth, those who are determined to become accomplished baristas. The involvement of Jon Skinner has provided great experience in the training. Also, the school has made it a goal to improve the communication skills and confidence of baristas, so that they can reach the international standard.

The British Coffee School has ambitious future plans to expand the coffee industry in Nepal through the establishment of a national roasting tree, hosting of coffee festivals, and so on. Therefore, any interested individuals can come in contact with them in order to perfect the art of making coffee.