Coding runs the world today, but the vast majority of people aren’t even aware of its existence. It is a script that a computer can understand. This script tells the computer to behave in a certain way, to do a certain thing, and if you code is right, the computer will perform the specific actions.

With hundreds of programming languages out in the open, there are a few programming languages that always seem to pop up when talking about coding. If you really are interested in learning coding, these are some of the popular coding language you must learn.

JavaScript, also abbreviated as JS is a programming language that controls things like video players, animations, and GIFs. However, it is also beingused to develop the majority of a website. As a multi-paradim language, JavaScript enables interactive web pages and is very useful for web applications.


HTML – or Hypertext Markup Language – is probably the most widespread coding language. Used in the front end of internet development and found on almost every single website on the entire internet, HTML is an essential language for any front-end developer to use. It offers a quite basic syntax, and it is easy to understand and tells your web browser where to put things, what those things are, and how those things should look.


CSS is another coding language which is also quite easy to learn for people who are still trying to start up their knowlegde of coding. Most coders recommend learning CSS alongside HTML as it allows you to style your webpage by customizing things including fonts, colors and styles.


As an extremely versatile language with relatively simple syntax, Python is one of the most well-known coding language out there. SInce, python is at major use in the existing and upcoming technologies including artificial intellgence, learning the language will definitely open new career doors for you in the future. Python is a great language for beginners to learn.


Popularly known as a programming and scripting language, PHP is mainly used to create dynamic and interactive webpages. It is used for command-line scripting and client-side graphical user interface applications. Also flexible for database connectivity, PHP is a coding language that is functional, handy and reliable.