To utilize his free time, he became YouTuber, and today, he is appreciated by thousands who always look up his new content and never get tired of him. The name Sisan Baniya came into the limelight after his first vlog,‘Little Things’, in 2015. With an astounding number of 140 vlogs,he has gained a lot of popularity and love from the Nepali people, and he himself is proud of his works. He was one of the first YoutTubers in Nepal to set the trend of drone cinematography and drone vlogs with his video of west Nepal, which was just a promo, but mesmerized viewers with its pleasant music and, stunning clips. With rising popularity, more and more people wanted to know about the man behind the vlogs, so Fridaymet with him for an interview.

Sisan is an interesting personality with two YouTube channels: his own channel and Paradygm TV. He also has a company called Paradygm Pvt. Ltd., which is a production house for making commercials and shows which are shown on Paradygm TV. With a hard-working crew consisting of Ajay ThapaMagar, Anurag Maharjan, BaneedBharati, and many more yet to be revealed,Sisan sees great potential in this channel.

From an early age, Baniya was a kid who didn’t really like studying and wasn’t very good at it. He said that he used to bunk school and go with his friends to play pool, which really affected his grades. He failed his send-up and barely managed to pass his SLC, and somehow,he also passed his BBA. At one point in his life,he decided that he would go to Australia, and so he dropped out of college. But, fate brought him back, and now he is a well-known YouTuber. Sisan is the type of person who only does the things that he is interested in. Though he wasn’t a very talented student, he was really interested in photography, so he dedicated himself to it and worked effortlessly.

He got his first camera after a lot of pleading with his father, and soon after he got his camera, he tried making videos that would mainly focus on traveling in Nepal. He was always fond of traveling, soafter an introduction to treks and hikes by his own brother, he had this aim of promoting Nepal. With this goal in mind, he planned to shoot a show called Travel Nepal, but back then he didn’t have the right equipment. He would go to Swayambhunath and shoot videos with just a handicam, but they failed to reach up to expectations. However, he never stopped trying.


In spite of the failures in his way, he never gave up his dream of cinematography. The renowned photographer Kishor Kayastha first inspired him, and it was he who aroused his interest in photography. Sisan describes himself as someone who will go after his inspiration, no matter what, until he finds success. Similarly, he worked for two years with Kishor Kayastha and learned everything about photography and cinematography. He says that Kayastha was the one who brought him into the current field, and also says that he gained connections with more people with his help.

Near the end of 2015, hisvlogs started coming out and swiftly picked up the pace. His ‘views’ quickly increased, and he started gaining more and more popularity. Sisan’s vlogs were all made for fun and were made enjoying the moment. Wherever he went, he never missed out on the excitement, and that’s what drives him to make more vlogs; hence he does not see any difficulties in his work. Exploring, traveling, having fun—everything to do with his work inspires him to move on and provide more new content. But other than that—Casey Neistat, Darshan, AbinBho—all inspire him to continue with his work.

In a period of three years, he has gained fame and affection, but he is still someone with a simple lifestyle. He has used his popularity forsociety’s benefit. He has collected cloth for the Chepang people through his vlogs in order to make blankets and mattresses, and other similar social work is done every year. 

Giving credit to his hardworking team for all his vlogs and episodes on Paradygm TV, he aims at making more videos in the coming years.  To all the young vloggers out there, he suggests that you don’t really have to be great to start, you start with an aim and passion to reach somewhere,and then success will follow. Similarly, he himself started with the aim of promoting Nepal, and now he is a successful Nepali YouTuber. He thinks that the idea of knowing about and traveling around Nepal is in many people’s mind, and he gets the opportunity to show it in his videos in an exciting manner.

Hoping to add more members to his Paradygm TV channel,Sisan sees a bright future ahead, and thinks that his channel will have a boost this year.  With similar optimism, he also plans on opening his own firm, where he can help people travelarond Nepal in a cheaper and easier way.  Sisan Baniya is not just a YouTube sensation, but also an inspiration for all those who plan on following their passion.