Pushpa Basnet, who holds the title of CNN Hero of the Year (2012), is a humble down-to-earth human being with a mission to better the lives of socially and economically backward children.

Having a social worker status, and also because of time crunch, she doesn’t go clubbing that much, however, she does go to see the night life every once in a while with her circle of friends. She says, “Whenever I go to New York, I go out with my group of friends, and though I don’t drink, I love to dance, so the beat really gets me.”

Having older age group of children in her home, she sometimes takes them to Thamel to see the night life and have them experience it. She explains, “These teenage kids are curious, and if I restrict them from going to places like these, they will try to find ways and take bad decision, so I try to be liberal and friendly with them to avoid them from making bad choices.”

She said that the last time she went to a club was in 2014, on her 30th birthday. She says, “Clubbing culture is very much there in today’s teenage culture, and going to the club, enjoying with your friends is not a bad thing at all, I have teenage kids, and if they want to go, I will happily allow them to, but one has to feel safe, be responsible about oneself, and not get carried away.”

Basnet further says that going to a club is a kind of stress-reliever in today’s hectic world. Meeting people, being social, is very much important, but the important thing is not to make it a habit. Kids nowadays are more into capturing the moment, rather than enjoying it, so responsibly enjoying the moments and having fun with their peers is not at all a bad thing. She herself is a very open-minded woman, who support her kids to go out and have fun, but she teaches them to be safe and have the ability to distinguish between what is right and what should be avoided.