Dheeraj Tandukar, CEO of Event Better Galaxy Entertainment Pvt. Ltd., has been working in his field for 18 years now and has successfully executed many events. He started as a model and was a winner of Mr. Kathmandu before he took the further step of establishing his own event management company. He is now regarded as one of the most trusted organizers in town.

Fr!day met with Mr. Tandukar to learn more about his company and events.

What are some of the big events that you have been conducting?

I started targeting the kids’ market as I felt no competitions or events were focused on them. I have been organizing a show called ‘Little Prince and Princess’ for 18 years now and I feel that it’s really a hit. As I continued, I realized I was able to cater the kids’ market and for that single show there were about 80-90 children participating. So I thought of organizing another show called ‘National Kids of the Year,’ which I’ve been doing annually for four years now; it’s a franchise of ‘International Kids of the Year.’ Apart from this, we also do ‘Mrs. Queen Nepal’ for which I work with Usha Khadgi; ‘Monsoon Fashion Show’ is another such event.

How did the idea to move from being a model to the organizer come from?

I was quite dedicated in modelling, but in a show, there was a kind of discrimination that made me really dissatisfied. Later, I thought if I have the caliber to be a model how about trying out as an organizer. It worked, and so I made it my profession. Being in this field, I am open to challenges and thus I make I take any type of events and manage it in the best way possible.

What are some of your awards and achievements through these years?

We received the ‘National Youth Lead Awards 2019’ for the category of Skill Management and Training from Global Lead Network. We have also received the award for providing training, arranging photo sessions, making spot visit to the trainees and managing the event of ‘Nepal Bank Little Prince & Princess 2013.’

Which is your most popular event to date?

I will say it’s ‘Little Princess & Princess.’ Even now, when I opened the forms, I received responses from about 100-150 children. Internationally, too, my children have bagged titles and this feels great.

What are your future plans?

Before Dashain, we are doing a show called ‘Talent Hunt’ in Civil Mall. In the years ahead, we plan to open an association for organizers to take it more professionally.