The importance of deejaying to make parties come alive cannot be emphasized enough. Reading a crowd is such a difficult skill that only comes with experience and being in sync with the atmosphere and energy of the crowd is a must-have ability for DJs. Once the DJ has people on the dance floor locked in to the music, only then can they keep the night flowing until the end. These exceptional DJs, with vast knowledge of music and rhythm, are oh-so-perfectly synchronizing the grooves and beats and taking over the dance floors in the best clubs of Kathmandu.




Prajwal J. B. Rana

DJ Prajwal, famously known as ‘King of Pool Parties’, currently plays at The Victory Lounge, Durbar Marg, on the weekends. He has worked in most of the famous clubs in Kathmandu like Insomnia, Platinum Club, Mirrors Lounge, and Tunnel Club. He has been actively playing at various big events and street festivals, as well. He’s been in this field for more than nine years and is still going strong. DJ Prajwal, synonymous with great parties, owns a DJ Academy in Kathmandu, known as Wave DJ Academy. He has been training deejayjing for six years now and has produced more excellent DJs, who are also playing at various big clubs and lounges. Prajwal is further planning to do a reality show for national DJs, named ‘King of DJs’, where DJs from all over Nepal will participate to compete for the title.







Rabin Shakya

Rabin Shakya, a.k.a. DJ Rabin, has been in this field for six years now and is one of the best in Nepal. He has recently been playing at big clubs and lounges like The Victory Lounge and Sky Lounge, mostly on weekends and ladies nights. He has also been participating in street events and festivals. You can also find him grooving along with the beats at some of the private events held in 5-star hotels.




The ruling lady of the night, SusmitaMaharjan, known for her quirky and fun music, is famous as DJ Nani. Breaking the societal norms, she is blazing the trail for the ladies in the DJ scene of Nepal. Along with the good quality music, she is also popular for her glamour and boldness. Recently playing at The Victory Loungeon ladies nights, she mostly attracts more of female wanna-be DJs and music lovers.







Ganesh Acharya

Ganesh Acharya, or DJ Ganes, has been playing music in Nepal since the last three years. He has performed at various clubs and lounges and also played for birthday events and functions of some exciting names of the celebrity world of Nepal. He is currently working as a freelancer DJ and is available to play anywhere he is called upon. DJ Ganes is also engaged as a DJ instructor at Wave DJ Academy and aims to raise more successful DJs. This confident DJ is looking forward to further upgrade his skills as a professional DJ.






Bikash Das

Bikash Das, popular in the DJing world as DJ B*cash, has been DJing for more than 15 years. He has seen most of the DJs and clubs grow to their utmost potential. He has performed in almost all the clubs of Kathmandu, such as Club Platinum, Ibyza Lounge, and other lounges. At present, DJ B*cash is working as a freelancer and performs for well-known artists on their tours. He is also active as a senior instructor at Wave DJ Academy and prides himself to be one of the best teachers in the field of DJing.