Currently, involved as the co-owner of the best club in the town, Déjà Vu, Mayenk Khadka has many projects in the pipeline, and is all set to come up with creative firms in the coming days. Mayenk has been involved with Déjà Vu since the beginning of its inception, on September, 2016 and has been there with his friends and brothers. After completing his higher secondary education from Golden Gate college, and his Bachelors and Masters from The British College, Mayenk hoped for a decent business, and had never thought of coming into the field he is in, at the present. However, with his college life, it paved way for parties as well where he seemed to develop good PR and thus, got involved with Victory Lounge in 2015. After some time there, he came up with an idea to start something fresh, and that was how Déjà Vu came into existence.

Talking about the challenges, Mayenk says, “In Nepal, nobody stops pointing fingers at you. We were always doubted by people and they were like, ‘how will these kids open up a club in Durbarmarg? In fact, my parents were also doubtful at the beginning. However, after Déjà Vu came into existence, everybody started trusting on us, and were really proud for us as well.”

For him, developing a party culture in the town was always challenging as Kathmanduites were not that ready for party culture at the time. In that phase, gaining that trust among people to reaching this success today has been like a roller coaster ride for him. However, the Marshmello accident has remained as one of the biggest learning for him, where he literally broke down and didn’t know what to do next.

He says, “We started Déjà Vu from scratch, and we saw it getting built up in front of our eyes. In this case, seeing it getting destroyed made me feel miserable and weak. I still find people questioning me, and asking for money which makes me upset time and again. I want people to understand that we were just the owners of that venue, and not the organizers. Even the organizers didn’t have any intention to cheat on people. Sometimes, things don’t go as planned but, I never expected my own country people show this level of anger.”

Today, Déjà Vu has already reached that height in the city, and Mayenk looks forward to take it onto international level. However, he doesn’t see himself limited to Déjà Vu, and wants to try every other aspects of society and contribute in the best manner possible. Mayenk, the young, and enthusiastic entrepreneur, is all set to come up with new projects, and he’s pretty sure people will love and support them.