Najir and Barsha set to Create Storm at the Box Office

The sequel to movie Bir Bikram, titled Bir Bikram 2, featuring Najir Husen, Barsha Siwakoti, and Paul Shah is all set to hit the theaters in May, and has already garnered much attention after the release of their first song, ‘Piratiko Mitho Tirsana’.

It’s the first time Najir and Barsha have come together for a movie, and Fr!day took this as an opportunity to learn more about these young actors regarding their career and future projects.

How long it’s been for you in the industry, and which was your first project on the big screen?

Barsha: It’s been five years now; I started by career in Nai Na Bhannula 2, in 2014. I had a very small guest appearance in this movie, which has today become a series till the 5th edition. After that, I did Pashupati Prasad, and that’s the project I consider to be my breakthrough moment, as I came into the limelight after that. Then, I worked in Karkhana, Lappan Chhappan, Purano Bullet, Bhaire, and Jay Shambhu.

Najir: I also started four years back with the movie Punte Parade, which featured Priyanka Karki and Samyam Puri. I had a limited role, yet I was appreciated for my role. However, after the release of Hostel Returns, in 2015, I came into limelight, and people started knowing me as an actor. After that, I worked in Bir Bikram, Gatho, Raja Rani, Timi Sanga, and recently, Kagazpatra.

How has the movie industry been to you till date?

Barsha: It’s been very exploratory till date, as I have learnt many things and known many new people. Every day is a new beginning where you are showered with many opportunities, and it’s all about how you grab them. I have explored many new places, and it’s the best thing I like about my profession. With every new project, you get to work with a completely different team, which has taught me to deal with multiple personalities. The industry has made me more matured.

Najir: Honestly, I’m not an adventure-freak, but being with the entire movie crew every time I do a new project is the best thing I like about my profession. You spend months with the same team and know each one very closely. It’s like being with your family. I have worked with many directors, and each one of them has taught me new things that have helped me to develop much more.

Your strength as an actor that sets you apart?

Barsha: I try to be myself and never fake, no matter what the situation is. I’m confident enough to speak up at times when I feel the things are not going in the right way.

Najir: My patience is what differentiates me.

Your inspiration?

Barsha: I’m not a fan of anyone as such; however, I follow Kangana Ranaut from Bollywood, as I really like her bold and straightforward nature.

Najir: For me, my mother has been the best source of inspiration. She has always provided me the strength to fight with all kind of obstacles that come in my path. Talking about the media, Ranveer Singh is someone whom I really admire from all aspects.

Actor you have been most comfortable to work with till date.

Barsha: Najir Husen and Buddhi Tamang.

Najir: I am super comfortable with everyone (laughs).

Your character in Bir Bikram 2?

Barsha: I’m playing a bold personality who has a strong attitude for everything out there.

Najir: My character is completely opposite to what she is playing. I am more of an emotional person in the movie who easily trusts people.

Message to the audience.

Barsha: I’ll say it’s a fully entertaining movie and you won’t regret watching it.