I could only picture myself climbing the mountain as I heard the women journalists telling their stories about Everest Expedition: The First Women Journalist Expedition – 2018. A root Rosha Basnet from Rastriya Samachar Samiti planted a year ago has now blossomed by proving and inspiring the world. News writers has created news by themselves and written a new history of Nepal. This is a story from the perspective of three of these women( Rosha Basnet, Priya Laxmi Karki, Rojita Buddhacharya)  that tells about learning, experiences and challenges of their journey.

Rosha Basnet (Rastriya Samachar Samiti)

"I felt like I was on the top of the world. Everest Expedition was a life changing journey to me that also showered me with so many memories and new experiences. Yes, there were certain hardships that occurred due to lack of road connectivity but thanks to the access of internet and technology that has somewhat connected the people of Himalaya. They communicate through air connectivity which is very expensive. Mostly tourism industry professionals can make a good living in Everest but not every person has a well-paying job and I wondered how are they carrying their life in this expensive place? Absence of banking facility has made people to transport money through the yaks. We have had a theoretical knowledge about how the snow of mountains melts and forms water that we drink and we could see the whole process. In a landlocked country like Himalayan the source of water, they are our lifeline and god in other words. Well, it was a 50 days trip where we spent a month in the base camp. So after that long day in base camp, I felt like mountain is more than a mass of rock and snow, it too has a life on itself. We were assisted through our trip by Sherpas who believes that goddess lives in every mountain and people should bow to Sagarmatha which is also known to be a manifestation of goddess. I was ranked fourth to reach Sagarmatha among my team mates. I had made 11 to-do-activities on the base camp and the peak. Unfortunately I misplaced the paper containing that list but gladly I was able to complete few of them that I remembered myself. I could place the Shivling on the top in honor of my father who was a big time devotee of Lord Shiva. Also I could take pictures of my fore fathers to the summit and banners of our sponsors.  I think mountain was calling me as I could reach there by breaking every chains and difficulties. As soon as I reached the mountain I remembered my parents, god and my supporters. Sherpa who had assisted us throughout the journey called the officer and he congratulated us and called our parents to give them the news of our success. We could stay there for half an hour as weather was getting worse. Descending part was very hard to me if I have to explain the situation I would like you to imagine 12 hours of trip with 1 liter water I was proud to be one of those 7000 people who has climed Everest. The major thing I learned from this journey was our mind plays a huge role in regulating our body and energy. I could become the master of my mind and also listened to the message of my body. Now I want to give back to mountain what mountain gave to me.

Priya Laxmi Karki (News 24)

Since my childhood I had a dream that I want to climb Mount Everest at least once in my lifetime. I could see view of mountain of Kathmandu when weather was clear and as soon as I saw the mountain I would freeze for a while at thought I am still to reach that peak. I feel life is all about travelling, exploring and bringing out a new version of yourself. Even now, if I stay in Kathmandu for a long time I feel like I'm missing something. May be this nature has driven me to the adventures I have done till now such as rock climbing, sky diving, bungy jumping and so on. I love adventures because every adventure gives me a feeling of peace inside. It is said that climbing Mount Everest is like experiencing half of the world because one goes through so many challenges, hardship and near death experience.  Climbing Sagarmatha to me was an experience of totally different world to me. I was amazed to see how blessed our Nepal for having those hard working and trustworthy Sherpas because without them mountaineering is impossible. For 27 years of my life nothing ever gave me such a long time of happiness and sorrow that mountain gave to me as Everest climbing showed me both sides of life. Thanks to the teamwork of my mates, this played a huge role for the success of this expedition. I did face some health drawbacks through the journey due to which I had to return from 7300 meters. I learned a lesson there is nothing more important in this world than health and the moment I decided to return from that height I was as glad and relieved as I felt safe. I was delighted to see my family and go back to the place I came from.  

Rojita Buddhacharya (Nepal Television)

Once I reached the top and sat on the snow, I was completely quiet and speechless and I could not believe the fact that we are living our dream. I was with Phurba Tenjing Sherpa (our expedition leader and my Sherpa at that time) and Goyu (Chinese Climber). Goyu and Phurba hugged each other and congratulated and I just looked at them. Then Phurba gave me a khada to offer to the Mother Chomolunga… I offered the Khada then I started crying very loud. I felt my late parents were looking at me and I thanked every single living creature in this entire universe. I embraced all positive energy, all hardships we went through, all sponsors, supporters, friend and I was also very thankful to my Sherpa who made me his first priority no matter how difficult the situation was. For us this Journey started on the day when we decided to climb the Mount Everest. And it was not that easy. Climbing the Everest is a challenging journey mentally, physically, emotionally and financially. It was do or die kind of situation. You need that confidence and determination to reach the height that people have reached in their imagination. Every single moment spent on mountain was the best and although it's full of risk, it is a huge platform to learn, explore and understand your inner soul to find the inner peace. To talk about life I saw in the mountain, it was unimaginably uncomfortable. You might think that well for Sherpas it may be very easy to live on mountains. No! For any human being it is absolutely not that easy but beauty that hides behind is the skill to feel comfortable even in that harsh environment. It’s all about how you see your life and what you do to live. Darwin’s one of the laws of evolution…. Survival for the fittest… life on mountain is a strong evidence of “Survival for the fittest”. Thanks to my teammates who were my confidence and sole reason for my existence in FWJEE 2018. As a team of journalists we are proud to fulfill our journalistic responsibilities by vlogging everyday life since the beginning of our journey towards Everest which was broke apart when two of our friends became sick. Then we attempted live telecast from the Everest Base Camp, Camp 1, Camp 2 and Camp 3 in association with Nepal Television and I4 Technology so that we could deliver national messages during those challenging phases and let people know about the actual and factual scenario of the mountain, but this live telecast was stopped after camp 3 due to technical issues. And after this successful expedition, we want to write about our experiences throughout the journey so that people would know about it. Also, we are thinking of doing campaigning in different schools, colleges and share our experiences. Apart from that we are planning to work together with different organization such as Nepal Government, UN, The We Will Rise Foundation and Phurba on cleaning expedition of the Mount Everest. Well, all I learned from our Everest Expedition is to be humble, respectful and the value of teamwork. Be proud of your originality; do not forget who you are in real. Dare to dream and have courage to live your dream. I have ended one chapter of my journey that found its destination but I suppose my journey of life is not over yet.