Akhil Sachdeva, the voice behind the super-hit romantic songs like Sun Mere Humsafar and Tera ban Jaunga was here in Kathmandu for a live performance at Turtle Lounge & Club, in association with YS Events and Innovative Events Nepal.
Fr!day grabbed an opportunity to interview the artist and learn more about his upcoming plans and shows.
How did the idea to perform in Nepal come about?
I guess it was all because of the love that I received from Tera Ban Jaunga. People started making the song kind of their addiction, to where it is still being played on a loop even three months after its release, and that’s what gave us the idea to have a Tera Ban Jaunga tour. We covered around 8-10 cities in India and in the process we decided to have a performance in Nepal as well, because a lot of people [from here] send me videos with my songs and that gave me the idea that it would be a hit here in Nepal, as well.
In your musical journey, which song do you feel was the breakthrough moment for you in your career?
I feel my journey is a bit different than other artists in India; I started the trend of ‘Sufi Rock’ in India and that’s how it all began. I did very few songs with gaps in between but whenever I did one, it turned out to be a hit. My cover of Mein Tenu Samjhawan, which we randomly uploaded without even a video, was appreciated a lot and was a turn around for me. Then, obviously Humsafar and now Tera Ban Jaunga are doing great.
You are also known as ‘Nasha Boy’. What’s the story behind that?
Nasha was the first ever song that I wrote in Bombay when I was not even a musician. When I first performed in Patiala University, where I opened for Mohit Chauhan, that opportunity was given to me on the basis of that song. I didn’t know they would introduce me as ‘Nasha Boy,’ and I strongly believe that was destined to happened. Also, my audience connects with it very deeply when they see me performing live onstage.
You are working in collaboration with YS Events and Innovative Events Nepal. How has it been working with them?
Its not the first time that I’m working with YS Events and it’s always been a comfortable experience with them. I’m glad that I was invited here and I am always looking forward to work with them in the future as well.
Any upcoming songs?
I’ve recorded my single which we are now shooting in October and my next film’s song will be out in December.