I started vlogging in 2016. I just wanted to make people aware and correct them about the myths regarding fitness and nutrition.

With the YouTube platform expanding into bigger arenas of content and audience, more and more Nepali youth have been given a platform to showcase their passions and influence tons of people through them. One of these is the well-known fitness vlogger Sushant Pradhan. In a recent interview, he talked about his fitness regime and vlog, and some interesting features that make up his site.
When asked about his inspiration source, he said, “I started vlogging in 2016. I just wanted to make people aware and correct them about the myths regarding fitness and nutrition. Having seen a video by someone the day prior with inaccurate information, I felt like I should correct that and provide proper information that people were searching for. I realized that I could only reach to so many people at my gym, but I wanted to help those I couldn't reach physically or geographically. Hence, I started with my YouTube channel.” Elaborating more on the style of his videos, he continues, “I started with making fitness videos, workout and nutrition, but recently I have switched to more, like a lifestyle vlog, and that includes fitness, too. With my vlogs, I try to keep it natural, and all shots are taken once only. So, I try not to make my vlogs polished and fabricated, but rather, raw and something more people can relate to. I remember being young and watching people whom I looked up to, and felt like I could never be like that, so perfect and well. So my goal is to be as realistic as possible, and be relatable.”
Besides the content, one of the major parts of his profession is dealing with media and others, and taking every comment and criticism with a pinch of salt. When asked about this side of a vlogger’s life, he had some interesting insights. “Vlogging is tough, especially the part where we are inviting people into our personal lives. And, most of the times, you are so caught up in filming that you forget to enjoy the moment, which I have lately reduced a lot. As for feedbacks, I usually get good feedback and criticism (in a good way) which helps me improve the content the way people want it to be. Things like specific topics that people want me to talk about. Pleasing your audience is always optimal. Usually, my channel attracts people who want to be fit, or people who want to be entrepreneurs.”
Moving on, the vlogger opened up about the factual and technical bits and pieces that are integral to the process of making videos. Using his own experience as an educational tool, he said, “In most of my vlogs, I just carry my G7x Mark 2 and shoot important part of my days. Most people think that filming is tough, but it's actually the editing that is. So, I take breaks every couple of hours and edit clips up to that part of the day and repeat the process. And, at the end of the day, I work on adjusting the music, color grading, texts, etc. before I render it. I'm a one-man army, I do all the filming and editing.”
Besides other aspects of vloging, the most rewarding part has to be the dedicated audience and fan base that encourages, motivates, and inspires every creator on the platform. Pradhan shared some personal moments and instances that have inspired and stayed with him in his career. “That's one thing that I really strive for, that is, to touch people’s lives and inspire them to do more than just go through the day. Every once a while, I get messages from people about how I have been able to change their lives, which to this day, I feel amazed reading, and get goose-bumps while I read them. It's such a big thing for me when I receive emails or when people come up to me and tell me how I inspired them, and that is the single most surreal feeling one can get.”
At the end of the interview, we asked him some frequent inquiries about You Tube’s changes in monetization, along with a few tips and tricks on how to make it on the big platform. He responded with, “People often ask me as to why I haven’t monetized my videos yet, and I always say that this feel pays off more than what I can get through monetization. As for any advice for the job, I would say the best thing you can do for your channel is to be original. As long as you aren’t only swayed by the trend, or are trying to portray a different image based on what you see, you won’t be generic. When you are yourself, you attract an audience that likes and follows you for who you are. They, and even you, are genuinely invested in your content because of its authenticity.”