Wait, let’s do one more,” says the tall and beautiful Esha Chowdhry, a hot contestant in the popular MTV reality show Splitsvilla. “You should do it well if you are doing anything at all.” That’s the statement of a girl of high energy and determination. And, in case you are wondering (of course you are!), she was clicking a selfie with me on her mobile. At my request, let me hasten to add.
Esha has a presence that’s quite imposing, and I discovered after talking with her for some time, vivacity and joie de vivre that is very refreshing. In other words, she is great company for any occasion or situation. Her positivity fairly shines, and her unbridled laughter is music to the ears. And, yes, she has a voice so husky, you are immediately reminded of Tony Braxton and her smash hit, ‘Un-break my heart’.  “Tony Braxton?” queries Esha, “Wait, let me note it down.”
In the course of our pleasant tete-a-tete, she mentions reading as one of her hobbies. “I like crime fiction and thrillers; I love the unpredictability and the suspense,” she disclosed. Had she read ‘Pillars of the Earth’ by Ken Follet, I ask. “Please tell me the name again,” is her response, and she quickly makes a note of it. Esha is like that, extremely quick on the uptake, curious to the full, and eager and open to suggestion, opinion, or advice.  Like I said before, she’s a delight to be with. I add, “It’s more than one thousand pages.” “That’s okay,” she responds, “I will read it!” Told you, she has determination in plenty.
With so much determination, confidence, and the most positive of attitudes, along with her many physical charms, is it any surprise, then, that she was selected from tens of thousands to be one of the ten female contestants in the tenth season of Splitsvilla? Splitsvilla— a show presented by no less a persona than the sexy Sunny Leone, and which commands a following in the millions week after suspenseful week, including in Nepal. “We were asked to fill a sixty-page form at the audition,” she reveals, “and it had all sorts of questions. You could say that it was a literal baring of the soul.”
She also says that her interest was further piqued because after nine seasons with a similar theme, the producers were introducing a completely novel theme in the tenth season. Anyway, things went well for her, and she became one of the ten contestants vying for the top spot. “June 2017, that’s when I was a selected, and it is certainly the high point of my life!” she exults. Talking about the shooting, she reveals that she was really impressed with the high degree of professionalism of all concerned. “There were so many cameras all around,” she recalls. “But one soon learns to ignore them.”
Splitsvilla was but one of three exciting choices she had on her table at the time, when she was enjoying her gap year after finishing her higher secondary from St. Mary’s. “I was considering entering the Miss Nepal contest, I also had a movie offer, and then there was Splitsvilla. I chose the last.” Right now, too, she has a couple of movie offers on hand, and as for Miss Nepal, there’s always 2018. Esha is open to all options, she is that type of girl; positive all the way.
Her interests reflect this, she loves nature and she loves animals, especially cats. “I had a beautiful Savannah cat, but it passed away recently,” she says sadly. “You know, a hybrid breed. It was so lovely.” One can discern the genuineness of her feelings. Yes, she appears to be among the rarity—an authentic individual who doesn’t hesitate to reveal her deepest feelings, and when amused, doesn’t think twice about making the room ring to her full-throated laughter. Add to these attractive characteristics, her large dancing eyes, an imposing stature, and glamor all the way, and what you get is a personality that fairly radiates joy in the very act of living. And, true to her vivacious nature, she admits, “I am a foodie. I like to have chicken at breakfast, lunch, and dinner! Or, something similarly solid!” 
Esha is not the only one in her family to be blessed with so many virtues; her mother, too, is beautiful, a successful businesswoman, and Esha lets slip, a Miss Nepal participant years ago. It is a title that could well be a target also for Esha’s sister, Ghazal, in the near future. She certainly doesn’t lack the needed prerequisites. As tall as her famous sister, and as lissome, she’s a VJ in the show,’Live it Up’ on AP1 TV, and it’s only a question of time before she arrives on the glamour scene with a bang as powerful as the one made by her sister with Splitsvilla.
Esha certainly seems to have it all, a lovely family, a successful outing in a very popular MTV show, a future full of promise. It is a ride that could lead her anywhere she wishes to go. Yes indeed, it’s a wonderful, wonderful world for Esha, and she deserves every bit of it!