Tony Kakkar, an Indian composer, singer and songwriter, who came into limelight after his superhit album Coca-Coca Tu, was here in town for a live show at Club Fahrenheit on October 25, 2019, and Kathmanduites went crazy for the experience. Tony sang some of his hits, including Dheeme Dheeme, Kuch Kuch and Mile Ho Tum Humko.

Fr!day grabbed the opportunity to chat with the singer himself about what he feels about Nepal and his show here.

What is the first thing that comes to you mind when you hear of Nepal?

Pashupatinath Temple for sure. I am planning to visit there as those close to me have told me not to miss this chance. I have always heard about the familiar culture that you experience when you are here in Nepal and that people here are known for the love and care they show to their guests. India-Nepal have such a long and meaningful relationship; I am very happy to be here.

Your songs seem to be very addictive and are created using simple words. What’s the secret behind that?

I never think initially about any words before actually composing them because if I do it knowingly, it won’t be that appealing. I enjoy whatever I write and that’s when I click suddenly that ‘Yes! This can be done.’ When I was composing Coca-Cola Tu, I was just writing and eventually landed up with this word. The case with Dheeme Dheeme was similar, where I chose to stick with a single sentence and compose it in a way that sounds addictive.

How did you decide to come do a show here in Nepal?

Well, my sister Neha Kakkar recently performed here, at LOD, and I heard a lot from her about the people here. I wanted to come and meanwhile I was approached by the organizers here. This was how my event was planned and how I came to be here with you.

What song do you consider the breakthrough moment in your career?

I guess it’s Mile Ho Tum Humko, which I wrote and composed as well as sung. It got a great global response.

What are your upcoming projects?

In January, my next music video is coming up for which I am very excited.

Any message for the Nepalese audience?

I have always appreciated the way Nepal has showered love on me. Please keep loving me the same way and I promise to deliver my best. See you soon, Nepal!