Best Drinks to go with Pizza

It’s a warm Friday afternoon as I make my way into the Fire and Ice Pizzeria, and naturally, the first thing I notice is the tempting aroma of pizza wafting around the restaurant. The fragrance of freshly-baked pizza crust enchants me. I eagerly walk towards a table and grab a seat. My mind’s already set on ordering the Hawaiian pizza, but what about the drink? I’ve been through this situation way too many times, and so, to give you a head start, here are three drinks that are guaranteed to complement your palate the next time you order a pizza.

Chilled beer

A favorite among many customers at Fire and Ice, chilled beer provides a cool sensation and a variation of temperature in comparison to a hot pizza. A glass of chilled beer would always be a good choice. Fire and Ice specifically recommends Rhino, a brand that is constantly requested by both foreign and Nepali customers.

Italian red wine

Since pizza originated in Italy, the best drink to go with a pizza would be Italian red wine. A room temperature red wine, according to Fire and Ice, is the best drink to pair with your pizza, because as the saying goes, “When in Rome, do as the Romans do”. Fire and Ice were kind enough to show us a bottle of Italian red wine, Vesper, as they explained to us that most Italians enjoyed hard wine. However, they are wary of serving amateur wine drinkers hard wine, since it requires an acquired taste. Red wine is known to go well with seafood, cheese, and light chicken dishes, so you may pick your pizza or wine accordingly.

Chilled white wine

One of the customer favorites as well, Fire and Ice customers enjoy drinking chilled white wine along with a slice or two of their fine pizzas. With its intense yet dry harmonic taste, chilled white wine is known to be the perfect complement to roast meats and pizza itself. Chilled wine suits both new and old wine drinkers, and would therefore be a great afternoon drink to accompany a late lunch, as you enjoy a lazy day out in Thamel.