Pizza is probably one of the most popular comfort foods around the world, the flat crispy bread layered with sauce and your favorite toppings, rained over with a fine layer of cheese; just the thought of that cheesy goodness excites all the taste buds. Data reveals that one in eight people in the U.S. will eat pizza on any given day, pizza is so popular among the people that they are diversifying the pizza according to their taste. Pizza is equally popular among the celebrities, as well; at the 2014 Oscars, popular TV host Ellen Degeneres bought pizza for all the celebrities. From Brad Pitt to Pharrell Williams, everyone enjoyed it, and the delivery guy walked out with a 1000 dollar tip. Pizza is really a delicious comfort food liked by almost everyone, and is also on top of the celebrities’ list of favorite food.

Here are some celebrity-pizza moments.

“I have this crazy idea that I will order pizza. Two large, what’d you think?” Ellen Degeneres famously said while hosting the Oscars in 2014, and as we all know, she came through on that offer and ate pizza with celebs during the award show.

Michael Jackson, when he turned 50, sent pizzas for his fans who were waiting in front of his home in Las Vegas.

Harry Styles treated his fans to pizza and hot chocolate after hundreds camped overnight before his sold-out London shows.

"The radiation left over from the Big Bang is the same as that in your microwave oven but very much less powerful. It would heat your pizza only to minus 271.3 Celsius—not much good for defrosting the pizza, let alone cooking it." -Stephen Hawking

"The closest thing I use to beauty products is the grease on the pizza from John's Pizzeria." -Mark Feuerstein

"A fan sent me a letter and a $10 bill. It's a short letter—all she said was, 'Hey, since it's harder for you to go out these days without getting photographed, here’s $10 for a pizza.' I was like, 'Aww, she sent me money for a pizza so I could eat at home!'" -Zac Efron

"When modeling agencies were saying that I was too big and gaining weight, my mom said, 'OK, we're going to discuss what they're saying over pizza, and we're going to plan the future of your career which doesn't involve you having to be skinny.'” -Tyra Banks

“We have pizza parties, which means I get four friends ‘round, we eat a pizza and we’re really lazy and we play PlayStation.” -Daniel Radcliffe

“I love pizza with anything except pineapple or anchovies on the top,” -Scarlett Johansson

”We’ve got a wood-burning pizza oven in the garden — a luxury, I know, but it’s one of the best investments I’ve ever made.” -Gwyneth Paltrow

“I want a pizza with my face on it” -Jennifer Lawrence

Gwen Stefani speaks for all of us when she says, “You know what? Part of me just wants to eat a pizza and go to sleep.” Amen. We ALL have days like this.