While we are all arguing over whether pineapple should go on top of pizza, or not, we are missing out the major discussion. Let us all turn our attention towards the unsung hero of our pies: the crust! Pizza crust is the vital part of the pizza anatomy, as it serves as the foundation of both; the pizza and every ingredient that goes into it. The crust plays a major role in determining the taste, texture, and topping of the pizza. But, do you know about the types of crust of the pizzas that you claim so much to love? If you don’t, you’ll know it now.

Thin Crust

For lighter and crispier pizzas, thin crust is your go-to. With a thinner base compared to the pizzas we normally have, this crust brings together flavorful toppings with a rigid base. Crunchy outside and softy inside, it is easier for thin crust to be folded easily, regardless of the size of the slices, which makes it easier for you to eat and admire.

Flatbread Crust

Another thin crust pizza for pizza lovers who want to sneak a bite in their cheat days: flatbread crust. Flatbread crust is the one that has the least filling, as compared to others, and is found ideal for appetizers. It is a blessing for those who are very conscious about their day-to-day calorie intake but want to grab a bite once in a while.

Deep Dish Crust

A heavenly delight for all pizza lovers, Deep dish pizza contains magnanimous amount of cheese, sauce, and toppings. Originated in Chicago, this pizza crust is basically made of corn meal and semolina, and food coloring for its unique yellowish brown color. The deep dish pizza slices can be up to two inches thick and has a texture and decadence to drool on.

Cheese Stuffed Crust

All smiles with all cheese! If you are the type who doesn’t get enough of cheese toppings, cheese stuffed crust is made just for you. Hand roll the pizza dough around rich mozzarella cheese, and make your pizza fringes luscious with melted cheese. Say cheese!

Sicilian Style

Sicilian style crust is a four-cornered pizza type with substantial proportion of toppings on the crust. This crust lies in between thick and thin kinds and has a spongier consistency as compared to other pizzas. This type is served typically on holidays in Sicily, where everyone from the family can get mouthful of pizza and are free to munch on messily.

Neapolitan Crust

A true Italian pizza crust with thin, crispy texture, Neapolitan is a wood-fire baked pizza typically topped with fresh mozzarella, tomatoes, oregano, and olive oil. The pizza is not more than 12 inches in diameter, and only about half-an-inch thick at the center. The crust is so thin that it can be eaten with a fork and knife and makes you decent enough to not throw away the crust.