Did you know that something as simple as the way you eat your pizza can tell much about what type of person you really are? When you think about it, eating a slice of pizza is such an effortless business. I mean, it is just a matter of indulging on your ever favorite cheesy pie with the toppings of your choice. Whether you eat it whole from the tip, or stick to your strict table manners to avoid dirtying your hands, pizza eating habit is a mirror to your personality.

Tip to crust

If you are the one who just grabs a slice and munches it in, research has it that you are a perfectionist. You are eating the slice exactly how it is supposed to be eaten (or, so you think). You are the kind who is sure about their choice of pizza topping and are seldom confused on what to order. And, so you are familiar with what might possibly go wrong while eating your piece and make sure to avoid it.

Fork and knife

Using your silverware to eat pizza takes a good amount of patience. You are definitely the one whom we all call “cultured”, careful and humble in what you usually do. Savoring every bit of the pie rather than savagely eating and smearing pizza sauce all over your face, you are more likely the most resilient among your friends and a firm shoulder to lean on.

Crust first
If you are someone whose first preference is the crunchy, brown edge, rather than the gooey, greasy body, you are one of a kind. You are not afraid to take risks, and obviously, not the one who listens to mainstream music or accepts conventional ideas. You could also have the trait of saving the best for the last in other things you do in life.


It could be that you are always on the run, but want to get the best out of your time. You know who you are, pizza rollers! You are efficient at what you do and someone who doesn’t take no for an answer. Sincere and serious at what you do, you are known to be the guy who meets deadlines and is determined to complete challenges that you take.

Folding in the middle

Multi-tasking is your best trait. Rather than dropping and having to pick and place the toppings where they belong (on the top of your pizza), you think it through in the beginning. By folding the slice right in the middle, you lock all the flavors and freshness together, just like you can pull your life in place. If you are folding your pizza while reading this, you are already multi-tasking.

Folding inside out

You are the goofy of your group. Always choosing dare on a game of ‘Spin the bottle’, you aren’t afraid of embarrassing yourself in the crowd. You are probably the one who used the expression “YOLO” for the first time. Friends turn to you for the craziest party ideas and you are never a disappointment.