Why do you put pineapples on pizza?

I believe that pineapples add a bit of sweetness to a savory pizza, the flavors of a pineapple complement a pizza and can add some freshness and bursts of flavor to a dish.

Why do some people eat pizzas with knives and forks?

The correct way to eat an Italian pizza is to fold a slice in half and eat it using your hands. Those that eat pizza with a fork and knife simply do so due to their preferences on how they like to eat it. Pizza, no matter how it is eaten, should taste delicious.

Why does the rest of the pizza taste good but the crust tastes dry?

When pizza was first made, the crusts of the pizza were left untouched and bare, as it was the part of the pizza the hands would hold on to while eating. This was so that the toppings and sauce would not get onto the hands.

What’s better, a whole round pizza or a huge slice as big as a pizza?

This may also be a matter of preference, but the traditional pizza is better as a whole round pizza. You may find that a huge slice as big as a pizza may be more difficult to divide up evenly between friends. A round pizza may be evenly cut into triangular slices that can be shared between family and friends.

Can chatamaribe considered a type of pizza?

Chatamari would not be considered a type of pizza, as it is considered a savory pancake that is made with rice flour, and I think it would not bake well.

Why are pizzas always round and never diverse shaped like cakes are?

Pizzas can be made into different shapes; however, the circular shape can easily be cut diametrically and equally so everyone gets an even slice. Also, during the baking of a pizza, the circular shape allows for an even cooking and heating throughout the entire pizza.

Is it possible to make pizza flavored icecream?

I am sure that someone has tried to make pizza-flavored ice cream, but I do not believe it is possible, and I don’t believe that it would taste as good as a classic baked pizza.

If it’s possible to make an oven pizza and a firewood pizza, is it also possible to make a steamed pizza?

I have never tried to make a steamed pizz. I do not believe that it is possible, as the dough must be dry in order to hold itself straight. If the pizza were moist, it would lose the special crispiness that is particular to a well baked pizza.

Is it possible to make a pizza with soy sauce instead of tomato sauce?

No, it is not possible to make a pizza with soy sauce, however, you could possibly use a few drops of soy sauce as an added flavor to your existing favored toppings. The toppings and flavors of a pizza are down to one’s own personal preferences.

If it’s pronounced as pitzaand not pizza, then why is it called pizza?

In Italy, pizza is pronounced as pizza. Pronunciations may differ due to different people and different accents across the world.