When does pizza taste the most glorious?
A pizza tastes the most glorious when it is served to you at a restaurant piping hot.

Which one is the best vegetarian pizza at your place?
My favorite vegetarian pizza at Fire and Ice is undoubtedly, the vegetarian Paesana

If you had to order a pizza from a major chain, which would it be?      
If I had to order a pizza from a major chain, it would maybe be from Pizza Express.

Gordon Ramsay’s Maze Pizza
In the last issue of ECS we talked about the most expensive toppings, I had mentioned “truffles” that make a pizza very expensive. We have also said that we can add any toppings to satisfy personal tastes. Here, taken from Google, ittells of the famous chef Gordon Ramsey about a pizza in his restaurant, Maze, in London:
While the basic cost of Gordon Ramsay’s £100 ($125) pizza—which is covered with white truffle paste, fontina cheese, pancetta, cep mushrooms, onion puree, and mizuna lettuce, and sold at the chef’s Maze restaurant in London’s Grosvenor Square—the final tally can rise, based on your taste for truffles. What makes this particular pizza soexpensive is that it’s topped with a very rare Italian white truffle, and as it’s shaved onto your pizza at the table, it’s up to you to say “enough.” If you don’t, and the chef continues shaving the entire truffle onto your cheesy pizza, the bill could come to a pretty eye-watering total, as the truffle’s cost is charged by weight.