Singing your heart out on a microphone can be one important therapy you wouldn’t hesitate paying for. Go karaoke!
Singing comes most naturally to everyone. However bad a singer we might be, we are our favorite singer; the bathroom songs are the evidence. Everyone is a born performer; the only difference is the size of the audience we sing for. A large mass or a closed circle, singing is more fun when we are with the ones we are most comfortable with. Hence, karaoke is one such activity that, despite being initially intended for kids, is an experience most adults need to have to get relief from the stressful and hectic life they live today.
When it's your friends, good food, the lyrics of the song you've always wanted to sing, and a microphone in your hands, spending an hour or two seems to pass just like that. Karaoke is fun, trust me, it is fun. The best thing I find about karaoke is that we always have that moment when we are singing out the lyrics we don’t really know, but when it comes to the only popular line we know, we transform into Mick Jagger and rock it!
Karaoke was not as popular in Kathmandu until recent times. There were only a few countable restaurants and bars that had open mic and karaoke. But, lately, most restaurants have a day or so in a week for open mic and they call it ‘karaoke night’. Thamel, that vibrant tourist hub, is a nest of such hotels and restaurants that have the best karaoke arrangements. Here is a list of some of the most happening musical paradises in Thamel that might come in handy when you are around the place any time soon.

Purple Haze Rock Bar
It is the most happening and popular bar in Thamel, where you are serenaded with the best music, food, and drinks every evening.

New Orleans Restaurant
This is one cozy restaurant in Thamel, with old Kathmandu courtyard garden, great atmosphere, good affordable food, and best fusion live music on Wednesdays and Sundays, with occasional open mics.

House of Music
You can hop in to this place dedicated hardcore to live music, musicians, and music lovers every day of the week.

Reggae Bar
A bar that provides live music every day, with different local bands, happy hours, and daily food and drink specials in a fun and festive environment.

The Hive Café, Music, Bar
The Hive offers an elegant and exquisite ambiance for your dining experience amidst the best music in town.

Shisha Terrace Café and Bar
The place is a one-stop in town for the seekers of best food and drinks, hookah, and music.

The Nest
The Nest is a pub that serves the best cocktails and a wide variety of beverages, along with Continental, Mexican, Indian, and Korean cuisine and amazing live music.

Ibyza Lounge and Club
Rock and roll on the disco floor, or bang your heads to the awesome live music this place has to offer.

Rockers Magic
One of the most famous live music venues in Thamel, with DJ 7 nights a week, and sports floor and karaoke rooms where you can enjoy great food and drinks.

The Wood's Bar
The Wood’s Bar is a stylish new hole in the city center of Kathmandu, where people come to eat, drink, and mostly hobnob with the music.