The Many Intriguing Facets of Pizza

Is it possible to invent a pizza that can be eaten with spoons?

I think that it would not be possible to invent a pizza that can be eaten with spoons. I do believe that a pizza should be eaten however one likes to! But, I think a pizza is tastier when it is eaten with the hands, as it is about the experience as well as the taste.

Why don’t people generally eat pizza for breakfast?

People generally do not eat pizza for breakfast because it is not recognized as a breakfast food. I, personally, love to eat pizza for breakfast if I have it in my fridge from the night before! Maybe I will come up with a breakfast pizza in the near future!

If fruit toppings were available, which would be the best?

The best fruit topping on pizza is pineapple, and it is available on our Hawaiian pizza. And, it is delicious, as the pineapple adds a little bit of a tangy flavor that complements the ham topping also accompanying the Hawaiian pizza.

Does blotting your pizza with a napkin really do anything?

Blotting your pizza with a napkin may soak up some excess oil that is on the pizza, but I believe it is not necessary, as our pizzas do not have excess oil on them.

Naan pizza, tortilla pizza, eggplant pizza … can all foods be pizza?

All foods cannot be pizza; however, people may experiment with certain foods and try to make pizza with unusual ingredients and toppings. Therefore, you may find that any type of food you love within reason could be a new type of crust or a topping for a new pizza creation.

Can there be a cream crust pizza?

I am sure that somewhere in the world there are pizzas with cream crusts, but I choose to keep my pizzas classic so they are as close as possible to the original Italian heritage.

Is pizza a main course or a snack?

Pizza is a wonderfully versatile food when it comes to courses, as it can be eaten for whichever course pleases you. If you are sharing a pizza, you may find that it would be a perfect snack or starter. If you were having a pizza by yourself, it would be the perfect main course.

How often can you eat pizza?

Pizza can be eaten as often as you like! My personal feeling, though, tells me that it is better to follow a varied diet. Pizza three times a week may be okay, together with vegetables, fish, or some meat and lots of fruits. If you feel guilty for eating too much pizza, you can choose one of our vegetarian options as a lighter yet still delicious alternative!