How Thamel is preparing for the new year’s eve

How is Thamel preparing for the onslaught of partygoers on the new year’s eve? Fr!day spoke

to Sameer Gurung, the president of Thamel Tourism Development Council to know more.

Text by Aakash Pant

Where to go out for this new year? The obvious answer for a majority of you is Thamel, and why

wouldn’t it be? Thamel is usually the most happening place in Kathmandu, and this usually

translates to well to new years eve as well. To learn about the preparations in Thamel for the

eve, we talked to Sameer Gurung, the president of Thamel Tourism Development Council.

New years falls on a Saturday this year, which means that new years eve party will fall on a

Friday night, the traditional party day all over. Thamel, according to Gurung is geared up for

hosting the party of the year on Friday.

It has been six months since vehicles were banned on certain streets of Thamel. This means

that a rudimentary street festival will be set up in Thamel. Where space permits, restaurants will

be allowed and are expected to set up kiosks outside to sell food.

Most establishments are hosting some kind of event on new year’s eve. Thamel Tourism

Development Council is ensuring that there is healthy competition among these party places. As

a special consideration for New Year’s Eve, the government has given permission to keep

establishments open till four AM, assuring that the party will continue well into the morning.

In front of the Employee provident fund office the Thamel Tourism Development Council has

organized a concert. This concert will be free for everyone to attend and will feature a DJ and a

Nepali fusion band highlighting Nepali culture. Gurung assures that it will not impede the flow of


Most importantly, the responsibility of safety and security falls with Thamel Tourism

Development Council and Gurung assures that all steps necessary have been taken to ensure a

safe party experience for individuals. 400 - 500 police personnel from different departments will

be patrolling the Thamel area providing different layers of safety. About 70 CCTV cameras are

active around the Thamel area on top of the CCTV cameras that are active inside the clubs.

“The only people who should be afraid to enter Thamel are the individuals with nefarious

intentions,” Gurung warns.

At the end of the day, as new year’s eve is a day to party, Gurung assures that the proper

atmosphere to party will be created in Thamel. ”Don’t drink and drive, and enjoy responsibly,”

says Gurung.