Keventers, a refreshing summer treat for folks hanging out in Thamel.

A prominent milkshake brand has now taken hype in Nepal since 2016. Thanks to Mr. Keventers, now we can enjoy such a delicious shake. Further, the establishment of a new outlet in 2018 has given people of every age group a yummy excuse to roam around Thamel with a bottle of milkshake in their hand. Keventers truly portrays their philosophy, "The Relevance for Nostalgia, The Love for Modern", which is in sync with the continuity of their tradition and their desire to fulfill the needs of modernization. So, to have a taste of their legacy, Fr!day visited their outlet at Thamel to take a refreshing sip of Keventers.

Thamel is a frequent go-to-place for me after a long day of hustle and bustle, and on that day too, I thought of taking a short walk around the place, where I saw Keventers. Delighted, I went inside to try them out, and the moment I entered the premise, I felt totally calm and refreshed. I could observe a classic signature painting of Keventers on the wall and a well-equipped counter. I also saw a crate of their classic bottles showcased, which further enhanced the environment. I took a seat and waited to try this refreshing dairy beverage. I was served one of their best, Strawberry Shake. I grabbed the bottle and wandered around Thamel, not worrying about the hot sun, as I had a cool treat in my hand.

Enriched with fresh cow milk with a blend of fresh strawberries, bubblegum, and vanilla ice cream, Strawberry Shake is a thick, fulfilling chilled frappe. The quality of the shake literally renders the caption they have on the cover of their bottle that says "This Milkshake is What Dreams are Made Of". Good for strawberry lovers like me that we don’t lose the essence of strawberry, along with a fine balance of other ingredients.

After all that walking on a sunny day, I felt I should go for another bottle of shake. Yes, Strawberry Shake is sweet tingle to the mouth, but I felt like I needed something salty to win over the sweetener. So, I went back to Keventers to see if there was something a little bit salty in the drinks on offer, and voila! they had Saltysin Caramel milkshake for me. It is a satisfying blend of cow milk, dairy milk chocolate, sea salt, caramel sauce, and cookie syrup. First thing, the saltiness of sea salt and caramel sauce does not take away the aroma of dairy milk and cookie syrup. Secondly, you don’t lose the salty sensation of sea salt and caramel sauce, either.

So, if you are seeking company for a sunny day and something to start, or even end your day with, Keventers is the place to go to.