Get together with Bikers’ Clubs

Riding is an indescribable passion that people share around the world, and a bikers’ club is one such place where bikers are able to get together and share their enthusiasm. So, in this three-part series, we have caught up with some of the best biking clubs of the country to find out more about them and their bikes.

Text by: Ajita Singh

Friends of Royal Enfield (FORE) Nepal

Friends of Royal Enfield was started with the main vision to represent the Nepali identity when taking part in bikers’ events abroad. The club, which was established in 2011 by some of the most well-known riders of Nepal, is now an umbrella organization that has given recognition to and included within itself twenty smaller motorcycling clubs of Nepal. The club is presided over by veteran biker Rabindra Thapa and includes other well-known riders like Chhedup Bomjom, Pramod Shrestha ‘Goofy’, Sunil Manandhar ‘Diamond’, Sakil Gauchan, Sherap Sherpa, Sudeep Bajracharya, Manish Maharjan, and Sabin Nakarmi.

They organize one of the country’s most anticipated and successful riders’ meets, Nepal Riders’ Meet. The event is scheduled to be held this year from February 16-18 in Rajsaha National Park, Sunsari. Their other flagship events include Enfield Rendezvous & Poker Run, which has been organized for nine continuous years, each year pulling a bigger crowd, World Tourism Day Rides, Ride to BOBMC Ridersmania, and North East Riders’ Meet, and they also participate in the UNICEF Global Hand Washing Campaign.

Riders Unified

Riders Unified is a motorsports experts club that takes part in various stunt events and perform all kinds of motorcycle activities like rides, stunts, slow races, dirt rides, and touring. The club came into existence in 2006, when they started performing motorcycle stunts and also practicing for races. However, Riders Unified was legally registered as a motorcycle club in 2011. Their main objective is to empower women through riding bikes, and also to make them a part of the motorsports development in Nepal. It was a group of friends who were extremely passionate about bikes who came together and formed Riders Unified. As of now, the club consists of 400 members, and is training about 1000 students all over the country to take part in a large number of motorcycling events. They were also the ones to initiate Saturday bike rides.