All Nepali Bikers are Stunt Riders

Making a roaring brute of a machine seem delicate and graceful is a tough task. One of the best at doing that is Rok Bagoros, a stunt rider. I sat with the down-to-earth Slovenian. Here is what he had to tell me.

How did you start riding?

I wanted to ride since I was five years old. I always asked my parents for a bike. The answer always was, “Rok, we can’t afford it”. When I was 15, I got involved in the scooter scene. My parents finally bought me a scooter, and it was stolen in one year. They had really worked hard for this bike and it was a bad moment.

After a year, my friend was selling a scooter, and he said, “Rok, if you want it, you can have it for a very cheap price. Otherwise, we are going to throw it in the garbage.” I said, “No, no, I want it.” I bought this bike, repaired and transformed it into a stunt bike, and started doing stunts.

How do you find the biking community here?

Seeing so many bikes is weird. In my country, biking is a hobby, for a hundred cars you see one bike. When I first came here, I thought “Woah, they have lots of bikes.” You don't have amazing roads for motorcycles, so in my eyes, every rider in these streets is a stunt rider! Huge respect to that. What I like in Nepal, I see good rules. Everybody wears helmet, I see some people wearing real biking jackets.

What do you want your stats to be in ten years?

Ten tons of pancakes eaten, I really love pancakes man. Burned ten times more tyres. I want to become the world champion. I want some world records and to cover almost every country in the world. I think I’ve been to half already, so another half.

Another stat is to be happy. I’m getting older, so family and girlfriend is coming. I want everyone around me to be happy. This is very hard to keep up. We sportspeople have to be selfish to be on top. To find a balance between selfishness and family is very important to me. To be happy and keep my friends and family happy is a stat I want to maintain.

What message would you give Nepali riders?

Have fun, stay safe, and go out of the city. Riding a bike in the city is not riding a bike. Go out to the open road. Post pictures of your beautiful roads as much as possible. I searched in Google and could not find many pictures, what I found were amazing.

You have a very strong stunt riding community. If I were to choose whether to ride in Slovenia or Nepal, I would choose Nepal. You don’t need the best bike or a new bike to be stunt rider. Buy protection gear and a cheap bike and just go for it. It’s the cheapest and the most fun motorsport you can do.