In Nepal, people love to ride in motorbike whether it is for daily work or to go on a tour in leisure time. Amongst many biking individual and groups in Nepal, with the help of social-networking media Facebook, here is Saturay Ride Nepal which is not only a biking community that organizes bike rides but also is a community to make new friends and share your biking experience.

As told to Dibesh Dangol

Photo By: Kishor Shrestha

After much follow up of Saturday Ride Nepal, I finally got hold of Dipesh Shrestha, founder of Saturday Ride Nepal and President of Riders Unified. He gave me information of where his next Saturday ride is going to be which was from Mangalbazar, Lalitpur to Sankhu Bajrayogini Temple, Kathmandu. So on a sunny Saturday morning of 3 December, all the riders gathered at Krishna Mandir, Mangalbazar, Lalitpur. First an icebreaking program was held by the organizer where each rider introduced themselves over a cup of tea. Then at 8 AM, the riding began. From Mangalbazar we headed to Sankhu Bajrayogini Temple passing Sankhamul, Baneshwor, Boudha, Jorpati and Sankhu.

During the riding, a systematic single line ride was conducted with Dipesh Shrestha leading the ride and Ashok Maharjan, Assistant Stunt-Trainer of Riders Unified, assisting from the back of the line to make the riding experience much more disciplined. Not only Saturday Ride Nepal takes riders for a ride but also adds interesting activities such as games, interaction session, some riding tips and of course a photo session to keep memories of the ride. All the riders had a great relief whist reaching at the temple after a grueling on road as well as off road experience. After going around the temple, we left the place and headed off to Mangalbazar to end our ride.

After the riding program finished, I grabbed hold of Dipesh Shrestha, Founder of Saturday Ride Nepal and Shane Wilson Moktan, 3 Times Winner of Racemandu and also Racer of Riders Unified to know about their experience with Saturday Ride Nepal.

Shane Wilson Moktan, Manager at Aprilia Nepal.

V: How did u get the information about this community?

SWM: I got the information about this community from my friends of Riders Unified first and then from Facebook which is how they operate. 

V: What do you do professionally and why did you choose to join this community?

SWM: I work for Aprilia Nepal as a manager. I chose to join this community simply because I love riding. I have been riding with my friends now and then but after joining Saturday Ride Nepal, we have been riding as well as meeting new people too.

V: How long have you been with this community?

SWM: It has been more than 6 months that I have been involved with this community.

V: Some of the memorable rides?

SWM: All my rides with this community have been memorable but today’s ride from Mangalbazar to Sankhu Bajrayogini Temple is the most memorable to me till now.

Dipesh Shrestha, Founder, Saturday Ride Nepal

V: How did you come up with an idea of creating such community?

DS: As I have been involved in biking community of Nepal for more than a decade and also a well known person in the biking scenario of Nepal, I wanted Nepal to grow in terms of motorsport and also toward making professional biking groups in Nepal. I became aware that there were many people who are interested in riding in their leisure time. Hence, I decide to create a proper riding community through Facebook which I named Saturday Ride Nepal.

V: How often are these riding programs organized and how can people know about them?

DS: Due to busy schedule, we organize rides at least twice in a month. Each time we go with different themes and for various causes. These rides are specially conducted based on FIA Action for Road Safety Ride, Traffic Rules Awareness Campaign, Riders Unified Woman Empowerment in Motorsport, Discipline Group Ride and Rally Ride, etc.

V: Are you planning on organizing other rides and can we know where will these rides take place?

DS: We are planning to organize it in various part of Nepal to explore the beauty of the country and also for development of inter-tourism, pure riding and biking community.


V: Can you name a few of Saturday Ride Nepal’s major programs?

DS: Some of our previous rides include FIA Action for Road Safety Ride in association with National Sports Council from Tripureshwor to Dhulikhel, Morning Uphill City Ride from Mangalbazar to Nagarkot, Mini Fast Saturday Ride Nepal from Basantpur to Chakupaat (Road Ride and Race Training Ride), Casual Saturday Ride from Kathmandu to Nepalthok, Short Saturday Ride for Safe Dirt and Stunt Demo Ride from Basantapur to Chovar.