The stylish cruiser from the UM motorcycle family has hit the streets of Kathmandu. The newly launched UM Renegade Sports 300S is a sports cruiser built with utter comfort, and is a definite head-turner in the streets of Kathmandu. Its engine design has been refined with modern technology, and it provides the comfort of a well-designed cruiser. The appearance of the motorcycle quite resembles the Suzuki Intruder and the Harley 750. The single cylinder 4-stroke engine exerts 21.8 Nm torque with 24.8 Hp. This is the first of the sports cruisers introduced by UM, and also in the automobile industry in Nepal. It is equipped with 6-speed gear, liquid cooled engine, multi plate wet clutch, and a mileage of 34 kmpl (as mentioned by the company).
Cruisers are usually built for comfort, with mild power delivery and a decently powerful engine. However, the UM Renegade Sport S is not only comfortable, it also has a sporty engine that delivers 280 cc power, which is just thrilling when hit above 5000 rpm. In addition, the roaring sound is music to the ears. Similarly, the elongated headlight fenders make the motorcycle a head- turner when cruising through the streets of Kathmandu due to its resemblance to the Harleys. The riding position makes it easier for handling, and is quite fun to ride in the streets of Kathmandu. The sharply designed tank headlight fenders give it a really sporty design. Furthermore, the T-shaped handlebar, designed for low center of gravity, gives the rider complete control of the motorcycle, with better maneuvering.
Despite being a cruiser, the Renegade is a fun machine to be riding even on busy streets. The instrument panel is equipped with gear indicators. Additionally, the whopping 17.5 liters fuel tank, with a mileage of 30-35 kmpl, makes this motorcycle a better choice for highway rides and long travels. The UM trademark of white LEDs on the side panels are also an addition in the motorcycle which function as day-time running lights, as well as blinkers when the side lights are used. The forward-shift foot pedals give the thrill of riding a proper cruiser.
Being from the UM family, the Renegade Sports S has similar engine specifications to the previously launched Renegade Commando. The Commando does not much attract the younger crowd, which is quite fulfilled by the Sports S. The Sports S has a few drawbacks, as well, such as, despite it being a well-designed cruiser, there are some difficulties to ride in the narrow streets of Kathmandu; also, having a 280 cc engine, the initial power delivery is quite a hassle and takes a bit of an effort to get in the proper riding stance. Similarly, the stock mirrors in the motorcycle do not quite fit in style with the motorcycle, and has low visibility for a cruiser.
The Renegade Sports S has been introduced in Nepal by IME Automotives, which represents the UM global company in Nepal. The motorcycle is available in three color options, black-silver, young orange, and young red. The price is Rs.4, 99,000. Finally, UM in Nepal is popular for its famous Renegade Sport in matte black, which has been the favorite of many, along with the Renegade Commando, which resembles the Harley Fatboy and Indian motorcycles. The Renegade Sport S is designed with newer technologies and engine upgrades, which will be a better choice in terms of cruisers in Nepal. Unlike other popular cruisers like the Avenger, the Sport S is definitely a head-turner, with a larger engine and a rather comforting riding choice. The motorcycle is available in the company showroom in Naach Ghar, Jamal, Kathmandu.