Yes! The age of e-commerce is upon us. Over the past few years, the world of online business has been growing rapidly in the Nepali market, making people’s lifestyle much more comfortable. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that online vendors are indeed digital therapy for many. The establishment of some commendable companies such as BHOJ, Daraz, Cheers, and Sastodeals, and their rise over a relatively short span of time is indeed a big online revolution. And as a result, online delivery is surging—these days shopping in or eating in is the new going out.

With this digital revolution, the system needed something or someone to bring the goods - from clothes and gadgets to food - with prompt deliveries to the consumer; this has resulted in the employment of delivery service providers aka delivery boys. They will deliver anything literally to your doorstep: the nameless couriers on their motorcycles, making on-time visits for your satisfaction all day long.

John Shahi joined BHOJ about a year ago and is one of those people who is quite satisfied with their job. “What sealed the deal for me then was factors like the training provided at BHOJ, greater time flexibility, better pay than most traditional jobs, and the fun of riding bikes all day,” says John, who has an undying love for motorcycle rides. Now, he works as a delivery person for BHOJ, and is rewarded not just financially but also by the happy faces of customers when they receive their meals at their doorsteps. “It’s always a fun experience. The clients have always welcomed me with smiling faces, and a polite thank you.”

Delivery service providers are the mediator between the online businesses and customers and indeed, this comes with a huge responsibility. However, with the heavy traffic in Kathmandu, things don’t always go as planned. When asked about tardiness in delivery, John explains,”It is all about time management. In the BHOJ app, you can easily track our location, so this has not been a problem for me as everything is quite transparent. And if the customers do get a bit upset, we try our best to put our communication skills to use, and convince them in the most polite way possible.”

So next time your order arrives at your door, remember these cheerful young people, like John, whose hard work and dedication makes it all possible. “Working as a delivery boy might not be a long term job, but it sure is a fun way of delivering happiness.”