With the monsoon season kicking off, riding through the almost daily afternoon showers can be very challenging for two wheeler riders. The rain brings the beautiful fresh smell of nature and a cleaner environment, but it also comes along with slippery roads, low visibility, and the risk of getting ill. Fr!day brings you a list of the essentials needed for a smooth and safe monsoon ride.


First and foremost, the gear to always have with you is your rainwear to help you stay dry and warm, whether it be a raincoat or a waterproof jacket, preferably in bright colors. And you can also go for a waterproof backpack to keep everything you’re carrying sheltered and dry even in the rain.


Riders are required by law to wear their helmets secured and fastened, and nd choosing the right one is equally important. A full faced helmet is considered to be the safest choice; however, it is best to visit a store and try on a variety of helmets to get the right and comfortable fit. If your visor is scratched but your helmet is otherwise in good shape, replacing just the visor can help you see clearer and drive safer this monsoon. And don’t forget: any time your helmet takes a hard hit it will need replacing afterwards; even if it looks perfectly fine, it will not be as protective.


Biking gloves are a must to avoid slippery grips due to the monsoon rain. The gloves also act as an insulator, keeping your hands warm, and also aids in reducing hand fatigue. In case of accidents, a sturdy pair of gloves will also help protect your hands from cuts or wounds.


During a long ride a GPS, aka the modern day compass, can become a life saver especially when you are unsure of routes and directions. Mounting a GPS on your bike makes traveling much more convenient, and you can enjoy the trip without having to worry about losing your way.

First Aid Kit

Personalize a first aid kit according to your needs, depending on the area you are visiting, climatic conditions, distance, and road situation. A basic first aid kit should include clean water, soap, band aids, gauze bandages, antibiotic ointment, painkillers, and safety pins.